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131.07 Mb
Updated :
January 22, 2022
Developer :
Electronic Arts
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167.65 Mb
Updated :
January 25, 2022
Developer :
Electronic Arts

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Recently, the sport that so many people like. Soccer. I think the charm of Soccer is that people from all over the world get together because they want a particular team or a certain football star. The game I am about to introduce is a game with such a powerful function, but also many players favor it.

The game is called FIFA Soccer and is produced by Electronic Arts. EA need not say the more, very professional game company, must be boutique, especially sports games. The FIFA Soccer game is so exciting that players can not only experience players from around the world on their mobile phones, but the latest addition allows you to play more league games. The gameplay is also good to feel a more diversified experience on the phone. Welcome to download!

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Build Your Ultimate Team, or lead your favorite team for the first time, play against your best friend or other top section, and enjoy the exciting football experience of FIFA Soccer! Create your in-game friend's list, track their head-to-head confrontation against the enemy record, show their strength. There's going to be a war on the court. You can also train your superstars to turn any player from a local football hero into an international superstar! Improve the overall rating of any player in the lineup to create a better, faster, stronger team. Football Superstar, in the history of football, leave your mark! From Pelé and Zidane to Maradona and Paolo Maldini, 100 Top Superstars will help you build a legendary team.

The UEFA Champions League and the European League also compete against teams from the top leagues, the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. As the natural world tournament progresses through the season, the game's playable live events are synchronized, waiting for you to participate and Win Your Own Champions League and UEFA Champions League players. From the group stage to the Champions League final, one step at a time. Take your favorite team out on the pitch for the first time in a league game, complete the weekly superstar challenge, and win any of the 100 remaining superstars. Join the new season mode and lead your Ultimate Team to the top of the Division, racing to the top of the league in the Division Rivals ‘New Weekend Championship.

FIFA football world is the only game officially licensed by FIFA. The EA Company's FIFA single original team development will bring players the most authentic, exciting football game experience. Real-time PVP, real player combat, create authentic classic football game experience. A unique collection of players, Ronaldo, Meysey and other great players, are created by you. The official edition of FIFA's world of football offers a fluid character movement and game style that allows players to experience the passionate world of football.

【Top10-Game's Review】

All in all, it's a great game to download. Over 10,000 real stars, over 30 leagues and major clubs will give you the most real sporting experience! The simple game operation, hundreds of skills without threshold of the game, no pressure to quickly experience the fun of football! Of more than 550 teams, 11 current and past stars were chosen at random to create the most competitive lineup and train them to more than 100 overall ratings. Add more different players to your roster, always manage your lineup, and quickly adjust your tactics before each game.

You need to make the right decision to see your club become the Ultimate Team. In combat attack mode, to enter the state of a full attack, challenge the tension of the exciting game. This innovative competition allows you to experience a higher level of play, compete in 90-second events, climb the leaderboard, and earn year-round awards.

Keep abreast of the latest developments in the real-world football matches that are being played around the world. Test your skills in a single-player season, then challenge yourself with a unique theme to win various prizes. Join a league and conquer the world. Join the club, experience real social play and work with friends and players worldwide to win glory. Test your Internal Champions League skills, challenge the world's top players in league tournaments, climb the leaderboard, and show off your talents on the court.

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Editor's Review

To tell the truth, the game is pretty cool and FIFA Soccer is by far the best mobile soccer game I’ve played. The smooth gameplay and design made it an instant favorite.     
As a mobile game licensed by EA, it has attracted the attention of many fans and sports game lovers since its birth, and of course I am no exception. The game includes players from not only the five major leagues, but also national teams, as well as numerous leagues in other states, including my favorite soccer heroes like David Beckham and Paolo Maldini. Of course there are some other excellent soccers. And nothing is more exciting than that I have a chance to score big with world soccer icons, which is quite amazing for me.

Next, the effect of EDU gameplay in FIFA Soccer is also very significant, which not only makes the game more diversified, but also enriches the game content of the players. For example, as a player, I can train an unknown player into a top striker like Cristiano Ronaldo through training and player talent buff. Of course, it takes time to cultivate.

Last but not least, FIFA Soccer is a much humanized mobile Soccer game in my opinion. Why do I say that? A big part of the reason is that FIFA Soccer has added a lot of mini-games to introduce the game to players who are not necessarily very familiar with soccer. For example, obstacle passing and shooting practice are more friendly to these people and can help them get started quickly.

Overall, as a competitive game, it brings players more than just a variety of soccer competitions. More importantly, it allows players like us, who love soccer and have a chance to play the game anytime and anywhere on the mobile terminal, and make more friends through the game to enrich our social life. If you are also a soccer fan, then this game FIFA Soccer you can’t miss.