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Kaepernick Football

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About this game

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37.75 Mb
Updated :
May 29, 2020
Developer :
KBJ Games
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154.46 Mb
Updated :
May 1, 2020
Developer :
KBJ Games

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

I don't have to tell you how popular football is, but how many people know how to play it? If you had to play a football game with a friend in real life, would you play well? I ask because the game I'm about to introduce is a complete simulation of real football.

The game is called Kaepernick Football and was developed by KBJ Games. This is an App for sports, where the user manipulates the characters to start a series of runs, and you need to hit the ball as far away as possible, the higher the score, the higher the reward. Interested players, try downloading Kaepernick Football to play!

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

This game is unique to pass and run controls without a preset pass! Develop passing skills as you learn to predict the throw and lead your receiver. Shorten your time and hone your skills with short passes, bullet passes and depth. All of this will take your team to the Promised Land. Play along with PROS, play Colin Kaepernick or Bryant, and keep them all on the court. In their group, the sky is the limit. Fight your opponent in a tournament by hitting you with 16 trestles. You can get the G you've always wanted. O. A. T. Status?

Assemble your team and train your players, build your team through free agency acquisitions, and train your players to maximize their on-site performance! In Kaepernick Football, players will lead their team members to achieve outstanding results through continuous participation in the Football competition to enhance the team's reputation. The game of Football competition is very intense. Players will use God's point of view to command the team members and opponents to fight, if the flexible use of a variety of tactical strategies will defeat the opponent.

You can see the whole game from God's point of view and be ready to catch the ball according to the distribution of the players. You have to keep hiring players and upgrading players to improve it and make your squad stronger. You also have to have excellent football tactical skills; you have to set up a reasonable tactical in every competition.

Kaepernick Football games, here you will experience the most authentic experience of football competition, you can set up your football in the future to play games feel the excitement of the spirit of sports. The use of unique AI technology can make the game characters more accurate, thus increasing the fun of the players. Pick a football team you like and play with other players worldwide during the various seasons. Fingertip manipulation, easy start, the foot of the football passed to your partners. Fly kick, slide shovel, a touchdown, and other cool moves on the pitch to show the best style. The game is also high definition, the most fluent picture quality will all the actual stadium and the stadium in all the classes was restored. With more than 700 of the most basic motion capture effect, the court will be the perfect restoration of the screen in the game. It shows every player's skill on the court and their position from every angle.

It's fun to play and full of genuine feeling, the most realistic football game for you to experience. Don't forget, must inherit the good friendship first competition the second spirit like this ability lets owns better match. Every game needs to have enough preparation before the game to have a good combination. The size of the club needs to make more money, play more games, and get more rewards. Challenge from the secondary league began to play, continue to grow, play a better challenge with OH. A wide variety of stars are available to recruit, require more financial support, and bring more fun challenges.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

In general, whether you are a novice or veteran, you can operate here smoothly and freely to the effect you want! Use Your Brains and skills to create the most unexpected shot trajectory that the opposing goalkeeper can't figure out!

A variety of styles and modes for you to choose from. All kinds of football props, for you to choose a variety of mode games and so on you participate, experience various games, enhance their strength!

The smooth 3D graphics, the excellent texture detail, the multiple animations are more realistic, making you feel like you're on an actual football field, having real football fun.

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Editor's Review

The unique gameplay makes the Kaepernick Football creative. Firstly, from the angle of gaming experience, quick 4-on-4 football action brought me the most immersive and streamlined football experience on mobile. That is very stunning, and I have such feeling just in this game. Secondly, I can play as Colin Kaepernick or Dez Bryant with the pros, which is a great benefit to our players.

In terms of the gameplay, the operation and rules of the game are relatively simple. As a player, I only need to spin, jump, juke and dive with intuitive finger swipe controls. That is also one of the representative characteristics about the game.

Additionally, I have to say that the highly immersive graphics also increased my interest in the game. Build my team through free agency acquisitions and train players to maximize their on-field performance, which is a great satisfaction I got of the game.

In a word, if you want to find an unusual game, Kaepernick Football is a good attempt.