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Blocky Football

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About this game

Size :
76.55 Mb
Updated :
December 7, 2021
Developer :
Full Fat
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150.08 Mb
Updated :
December 7, 2021
Developer :
Full Fat

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Blocky Football is an action game with the theme of football and it was developed by the developer called Full Fat.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. This game has a bit of requirements for the player's reaction speed and finger flexibility. If the reaction is too slow, your may fail, so playing this game can exercise the reaction speed and train your brain a lot.

2. This game can make you relax a lot, because the overall rhythm is not very fast and the difficulty is not that hard to deal with. It is very suitable for salary men who are usually busy after work or students with heavy study load.

【Top10-Game's Review】

If you are a fan of football and want to explore football as an interesting sports yourself, I believe this game is very suitable for you. You can learn about football and have fun on your mobile screen.

When it comes to the animation and visuals of this game, I am willing to give a high evaluation, because the picture of the game is well animated, and the color is very bright giving off an lively vibe. 3D animation can show how great the game manufacturer with 20 years of industry experience is. I think the football field of this game simulates that one of 1980s so it is very reminiscent. When you play games, you don't feel very monotonous at all. Although this is a game that simulates the football field in reality, but I believe this field is more lively than that in real life, because you have a lot of spectators in the game. There will be high cheers after you finish each shot, and you will feel greatly encouraged, so the sound effect of this game can also make you more competitive.

As a very compelling football game, the player in the game is an cartoon character. You can customize your own cartoon character as you like. You have many roles to choose from. You don't have to worry about finding your favorite image. In the game, there are more than 80 images of football players, each of which is different and very cute. Some simulate the image of animals. You can explore it by yourself. In this game, you have to try to kick the football into the opposite goal. Of course, the process will not be smooth. You may encounter some obstacles and so on. You need to avoid the obstacles from your opponent on the way and keep the ball running into the opponent's goal smoothly. You need to click on your screen to start the game and slide your finger on the screen to switch the track in order not to bump into the opponents. You don't have to worry about the delay to make you fail, because when you play, you will find that the operation is quite easy and responsive.

In addition, this game also allows players to choose the football field and weather, so you can choose the place where you like to compete with other players. I believe that seeing the scenery you like will make you more willing to win. After you kick the football into the goal and win, you can make your level go up and then you can get a lot of rewards. However, it should be noted that with your upgrade, the difficulty of the game will become more and more, the requirements for your reaction speed will be tougher, but you will get a lot of sense of achievement while facing challenges. In a word, for those who like football, this game is a good choice for you!

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Editor's Review

It is a very interesting blocky football mobile game. Cute characters are my first impression of the game. The characters in the game are little Lego figures with square heads that look goofy.

In terms of gameplay, the way that operates is not complicated, and the fun gameplay makes me feel well. As a player, I need to control a hand-held rugby player in the game, avoiding the opponent's encircling interception, the process is quite exciting.

In addition, the game uses the design of level grades. Such as I can enter the next level as long as I get a score successfully, and the difficulty of the game will gradually increase with the upgrade of the level, which mainly reflected in the number of defenders and the length of the court, so the game is still a reaction capacity test for me.

On the whole, as a simple game with fast-paced gameplay, Blocky football is a good recommendation for you to pass your spare time.