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Top War: Battle Game

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About this game

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Depends on the device
Updated :
May 7, 2022
Developer :
Topwar Studio
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802.86 Mb
Updated :
April 30, 2022
Developer :
Topwar Studio

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

A must try mobile game for strategy enthusiastic.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. simple and fun, it will drag you right into the game and makes you addicted to merging cannons, gold mines and other items into one.3

2. It gives you a very good feeling upgrading your force through merging more units into a single one.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Among many other games that we have reviewed, Top War: Battle Game is one of the best games that I will recommend you to download without hesitating. It is a very special combination of real-time strategy and merge mechanics. But don’t mistake it for the other super complicated merging games that you might have tried before. This one is simple and fun, it will drag you right into the game and makes you addicted to merging cannons, gold mines and other items into one. The feeling of watching these items becoming stronger and bigger is such a satisfying and enjoyable process. After a while of playing, you won’t be able to help but to check your infantry factory all the time and collect some gold from the gold mine every now and then.

Enough with the introduction. Let’s get into how you play the main part of the game: fighting. You can have a big variety of heroes, each having his unique ability. Furthermore, you will need to take good advantage of different types of sophisticated war weapons. When you can use them efficiently, it will be very easy to kill the enemies and you will have a huge sense of accomplishment if you win until the final battle.

Other than that, it has rather different gameplay. The gameplay is rather simple. you don’t need to study so much about what to do and you can just have fun with what you have. Of course, you need to try a little bit harder if you want to achieve something big, but even without much effort, you will still enjoy it a lot just giving orders to your troops and leading them towards victory after many difficulties.

What feels the best about the game is the merging units and buildings. It gives you a very good feeling upgrading your force through merging more units into a single one. but it’s not just about fighting or merging all the time. You also need to gather resources to upgrade and sustain your base. Growing your army and developing them also requires many resources. As you proceed further, you will have more and more different heroes and there will be new factors to discover. You will customize your army during this process, through different opportunities, and that is also a big fun of the game.

There are certainly many different other features as well as special structures to talk about. If you like strategy games, there is no way that you won’t enjoy this one. even if sometimes you will spend a huge amount of time to reach a certain point, you will reach your destination sooner or later and all your efforts will pay off one way or another. there is also a very easy gaming tutorial available, so you don’t need to worry too much about things, and you just need to go with your flow.

More importantly, how much time you will spend to get a military rank promotion is determined by your daily activities. Another way to gain better rewards is that you can also exchange some points you have made for different types of recourses at the legion shop. However, you must figure out some unique fighting strategies with your own effort, if you aiming to become the final survivor, it also needs to be considered well that you must think carefully before you decide to attack another base. You need to check the base thoroughly, whether its strength or its location. With all these game features, a variety of different objectives and fun mechanics, this is definitely a must-try if you are a mobile game enthusiastic.

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Editor's Review

Unlike any other game in its genre, the game is very fast paced and engaging, gets very addictive. Top War is a fun and free strategy battle game, which has a lot of scene levels, I can challenge anytime, anywhere.  Here, I can not only enjoy exciting battles and wipe out all the enemies, but also I can improve my combat effectiveness and combine different soldiers to fight against each other.  

The gameplay of merge in the game is really impressive and continues throughout the game. Top War abandons the setting of waiting time for players to upgrade buildings and units, but uses merge to upgrade buildings and units. For example, I just drag two buildings or units of the same rank and then merge them by one level, which completely out of the traditional mode. Of course, the benefit of this is obvious. That is using merge to upgrade buildings and units can shorten the waiting time, especially in the later stages of the game, whether it’s buildings, skills or units upgrades require a long and boring waiting time, but if I can merge it, which can reduce the boredom at this time and increase the fun of the game.

All in all, as an excellent strategy game featuring merge to upgrade gameplay, where you will become a commander and lead your troops to win step by step, constantly unlock cities and armies, improve your power, but also can experience wonderful game content. So, what are you waiting for? Come and lead your armies into battle!