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November 10, 2021
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February 5, 2020
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

inbento is a very healing food-themed puzzle game inspired by Japanese bento culture and aesthetics.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. As a puzzle game, this game has unique healing ideas, because the main character of the game is a cat mother, so you can feel the cat mother's deep love for her children.

2. In addition, the game has over 100 puzzles and unique jigsaw puzzle mechanics, and you won't get bored playing the game. You will also get fascinated by the perfect combination of bento box and puzzles.

【Top10-Game's Review】

I would never hesitate to introduce and recommend inbento to all of you guys. There are multiple reasons why I think you can not miss out on this amazing game.

The first thing that pleased me most about this game is its game design concept. Unlike almost all other common puzzle games, this game tells the story of a mother cat who takes care of her son and daughter and prepares lunch for them every day. She would put sushi in a bento box. Although there is no dialogue between them and the whole story is kind of wordless, you can feel the strong kinship between parents and children which is really touching and healing. From the design concept of the game you can understand the Bento culture in Japan as well, and the game is actually inspired by Japanese aesthetics and bento food, so while playing this game you can also feel the beauty of Japanese culture. In addition to bento culture, you can also see the Japanese strong advocate for family love. I believe that when you play this game, you will surely think of your mother preparing lunch for you when you were in middle or high school. The figure of the cat who is making bento is also very touching to see. I feel choosing cats to be the characters in this game is definitely a wise decision. No one could feel bored while watching a lovely cat making lunch.

Art style of this game is also very stunning and clean, and you won't be confused by the complicated game menu because it is organized well and very clear, so you can fully enjoy the game without too much trouble.

In terms of the gameplay, it requires not many skills basically and it is almost all about how to solve puzzles. This game is to need you to place sushi in required grid according to required bento lunch order. Sometimes it is not that easy to place sushi as the requirement and that often disappointed me before because the difficulty sometimes is hard to tackle with. But I tried hard to solve the difficult ones anyways so in the end I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Because when you start this game in the default lunch box sushi is placed in a mixed and random way, you need to be able to do fast combinations in a given amount of time and get a higher rate. In the process of playing the game, you can also get some instructions on how to make sushi and learn the most basic techniques of making sushi as well, so you can use the game to make delicious sushi in real life.

The game also requires you to explore more ways to make sushi, and you need to master each process in the game so that you can finish all the sushi in the allotted time. The difficulty of the game increases as you become more adept at it, though it sounds touch but as the difficulty increases, you get more rewards and a sense of accomplishment along the way. All in all, this is a very unique puzzle game and I hope you can download and play to learn about Japanese culture and how sushi is made.

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Editor's Review

Inbento is a casual puzzle game with the theme of sushi making. In the game, I had to play the role of a mother cat to complete 120 sushi puzzle illustrations. The game's drawing style is comfortable and cute. In the process of the game, I can recognize many different types of sushi, which is very fascinated for me.

The gameplay of the game is somewhat similar to klotski. In Inbento, I need to use strategy to take the lunch out of the lunch box, and then move it piece by piece to complete the puzzle like the given figure.

In addition, the cute cat style made me more easily pitched in the game.Due to the richness of the levels, I couldn’t help exploring them,which is also the charm of the inbento.

On the whole,inbento is a game full of challenge and decently fun ,if you enjoy the leisure type,this is quite suitable for you.