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Marvel Contest of Champions

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February 9, 2022
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February 7, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighting game designed by the developer Kabam and released in the year of 2014.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. The character modeling of Marvel Contest of Champions highly simulates the movie characters of Marvel movie series, and the whole game is very intriguing just like the movies, so you will feel very familiar and fun when you start the game.

2. Fighting is very exciting. You can improve your finger sensitivity. Because in the game, you need to slide the mobile screen to control the hero to attack the enemy, and your reaction speed will also increase in the process.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Marvel Contest of Champions will definitely be the favorite game of Marvel fans. I guess for all of the Marvel fans, Marvel's superheroes have interesting story lines and vivid characterization for different heroes, which fascinate us a lot. However, movies and TV dramas related to heroes are absolutely not enough to satisfy our passion for those heroes. So in this game, you can meet your favorite Marvel heroes such as Captain America, black widow and Hulk again. In this game, you can decide how they are about to battle, you can also let them defeat the enemy and create your own hero story. So virtually you are like a super hero in it!

The overall game mechanism of Marvel Contest of Champions is not complex so it is very suitable for entertainment and relaxation. The art style is lively, and although it is a two dimension game, the graphic quality of Marvel Contest of Champions is particularly exquisite and delicate, what’s more, the special effects of fighting are amazing enough. I think the fighting action is based on the characteristics of Marvel's heroes. Therefore, when watching these heroes fighting, you will feel very familiar and reminiscent, and these fighting scenes can absolutely bring you some exciting game experience.

After all, I am a huge marvel fan, so I pursue the high quality of Marvel game a lot. As for Marvel's hero design, Marvel Contest of Champions can be said to be an absolute tribute to movies. The characters' clothes and expressions are very consistent with the unique features of the characters. Even heroes’ skills can fully show the original strength of this hero in the movie. The sound effect of the game can also be said to be very exciting and compelling. All the fighting sounds will not be too noisy and restless. Sometimes the sounds of this game will be fast with the upgrading of the fighting, which will not affect your game experience. Therefore, you will be particularly immersive in it when playing, as if you are saving the world, If you are tired of the fighting mode, you can also see other modes of the game, or do other small tasks of the game to get some rewards.You can also explore its multi player mode, which can allow you to enjoy it with your friends or other Marvel movie fans, which is really a thrill.

This game also makes you believe that justice will prevail over darkness. Generally speaking, the game is not difficult as a whole. You just need to control your Marvel hero to attack the villains and reduce their blood until they die. This is the ultimate purpose of this game. And Marvel Contest of Champions can give you a great sense of achievement, because your heroes can become stronger and stronger in the game, and you will become more and more familiar with them. So I hope all those who like Marvel will download this game and play it.

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Editor's Review

I have been playing Marvel Contest of Champions for a while and it is by far the best moblie game I’ve ever palyed.As a big Marvel fanatic,I couldn't be happier to revisit these classic characters like Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Captain America, Storm...and so on.

Overall the game is very decent as well as addictive.I can fight other heroes, get crystals and new heroes, it's the best thing because I can still make good friends and still have to do with cards , new characters and a lot of other things to for a challege.

Finally, I have one small piece of advice for Marvel Contest of Champions. This is what I experienced in the game. I wish that when I open the crystal, I should be able to select any hero within the crystal parameters rather than acquiring heroesC randomly.

All in all, it's a fantastic game and I hope all of you can download it and play it.