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About this game

Size :
8.81 Mb
Updated :
August 30, 2018
Developer :
Brad Erkkila
Size :
36.06 Mb
Updated :
June 13, 2018
Developer :
Brad Erkkila

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

What kind of sports do you like? Do you like ball games? Like rugby. Do you know the word "touchdown"? Speaking of which, if you're familiar with the ball game, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Yes, the game I'm recommending is called Touch downers, developed by Brad Erkkila. This game is an exciting sports game, an entertaining football game. This game has many modes to choose from; single mode without the Internet can be played, there is also online mode playing football with friends, the game is a 2D flat screen, the operation is very smooth.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

In this game, players can start an exciting football game, and many teams are waiting for you to challenge. In this game, players can control the character to play football, and the whole process is very relaxing. You can create a tournament and invite your friends to join you for a great, fun football game. Remember that this is a popular sports game, but it can increase people's courage and wisdom. Brings you unparalleled passion, challenge, adventure, almost endless levels of joy daily. Make the most of your athleticism to solve problems, get around obstacles, score touchdowns, and accomplish extraordinary challenges. The gold you get allows you to buy more equipment and protect your football more effectively. Each level has a different obstacle design that slows your opponent down. At the end of the period, players will earn higher scores and raise the level of rewards.

The game uses the cartoon character image and the exciting athletics playing method to bring a unique challenge to the player. The player may form their lineup to complete the competition in the game. There are all sorts of magical member skills that can be deployed to make your game more interesting, and the graphics are funny, too; if your friends have another mobile device, too, then you can join forces online. The game is straightforward to operate; with your finger on the screen underline, your athletes will follow the path you have drawn to run and vigorously impact. There are different obstacle designs at each level. In addition to the opponent slowing, you down, obstacles in the scene slow you down.

After learning so many exciting highlights, I will give you the rules of the game to help you get started quickly. As in a regular football game, we must catch the ball in the opponent's end zone and hit the ground to score. There's no way the screen can accommodate 11 people on each side for a total of 22 people, nor can it be divided into offensive and defensive groups. So, it's simplified to three players on each side, best of five. At the start of the game, the airship drops a rugby ball, flicks it around because of a shape problem, and if you don't get to the ball before your opponent does, you might lose the game. Game for the player to control a total of three keys, about two keys, and a passkey, about the control of the entire team of 3 players in the standard advance and retreat. Once you have the ball, you need to run hard to the end zone. It would help if you were careful of interceptions by your opponents, who may steal the ball back when you are not looking.

By the way, the ball grab by Touchdowners is entirely random. The players of both sides keep waving their arms in the course of the game, and at any time when they touch the ball, they will be snatched back or snatched away, so when the other team gets the ball, you put the player on top of him so he can't get the ball, or so he doesn't have room for the ball to touch the ground. On the other hand, when your players are heavily defended, try dropping back a few steps to pass the ball to your teammates, and you might even be surprised. The game doesn't require a lot of speed or strength. Instead, it's all about how you can dodge your opponent. You can often see many players getting into a scuffle and not passing the ball, and nobody gets the ball.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Overall this is an exciting sports game, whether the screen or sound effects are charming and fresh. The primary way Touchdowners play the game is PVE, which fights the computer, beats all the teams and wins the trophy. Each game wins a bonus for the player's team, which is used to unlock the new group.

Playing this game for free will give you unparalleled excitement, challenge, adventure, almost endless levels of pleasure every day. As the story progresses, you have to use some of the techniques, and the dive is not the ideal way to score goals; use the combination tactics.

In addition to PVE, PVP is also a game feature, where two friends can share a device to compete with the screen. You have only one goal, and that is to score crazy touchdowns, to continue the traditional rules of football, and to play with great ease and fun.

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Editor's Review

“Crazy” can be used to describe the game Touchdowners. Unlike other football games, it isn’t a personal battle but a battle for glory.

In terms of the gameplay, there is nothing special about it. The only thing I need to do is control a team of three highly trained Touchdowners, making my way to the end zone by passing, wrestling and jumping, then drop the ball to the ground.

Meanwhile, there are three ways I can play the game: PL, Arcade mode, 2 player mode. Among them, what impressed me most was the 2palyer mode. Other games cannot bring me the feeling that the thrill of competing against my friends for touchdowners on the same device. The only thing that bothers me is the layout of the buttons, which affects my performance to some extent.

On the whole, Touchdowners is a great game for players who enjoy competitive sports.