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108.00 Mb
Updated :
August 12, 2021
Developer :
Devolver Digital
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192.42 Mb
Updated :
November 29, 2021
Developer :
Devolver Digital

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

My Friend Pedro is a free video game designed by the developer DeadToast Entertainment and launched out by Devolver Digital.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. My Friend Pedro is very entertaining and compelling , so it is definitely an amazing game to spend your time with.

2. In addition, this game exercises the flexibility of our fingers a lot, because it needs to control the characters in the game to move flexibly and freely, so the requirements for the flexibility and reaction ability of the players’ fingers are very tough.

【Top10-Game's Review】

I would give full marks to My Friend Pedro’s visuals and audios. They both are fantastic when it comes to giving the players the best game experience.

As for the game interface, I feel very satisfied with the overall visuals, because it really supplies with users the comfort of the game. After starting the game, we can see that the game provides a very clear menu and guidance for players, so as to facilitate new players especially to quickly pick up the game, and enable users to quickly accept and be familiar with the characteristics and different functional divisions of the interface, so as not to make users feel confused.

Apart from that, in the process of playing the game, the display of menu and tips are definitely reasonably laid out and will not cause any hinder for players. And what’s more important, the humanized design of the game are supposed to get the credit as well.

I can see that the design is perfectly considered from the perspective of users and conform to the usage habits of most users.

 For example, the room design in My Friend Pedro is a good example. Its interface and structure is easy to be accepted by users. In the process of the game, the display position of various important tips and the placement position of props are within the visual comfort range of users.

So while enjoying My Friend Pedro,those kinds of things rarely affects the entertainment of the game due to the perfect design of the interface.

But of course, any game is not perfect, it is constantly improving and listening to the users’ opinions. I feel like there is also a tiny glitch that is worthy of attention which is the delay. Sometimes i would get some delay while playing this game, and i hope this problem is gradually addressed by the developer. What needs mentioning is that this game also experienced several revision, it has taken many players’ opinions into account and always stick to their motto which brings convenience and fun to users. And this game also supplies players with some in-game purchase which is really up to you. And users don't have to look for the lowest price goods page by page because that is the order of the goods are according to the price.

The gameplay of My Friend Pedro is quite easy to understand as well。 Your character is an unknown killer. Your task is to kill the bad guys lurking somewhere in the room. You are very good at aiming and shooting, and your body is also very flexible and can move freely in a narrow space, but you also need the help of some tools to help you become stronger. So in this game, you have to get bananas as many as possible. With bananas, you can also have access to some other special abilities, such as the ability to slow down time, or the ability to disperse the enemy's targets.

You also need some skills to pass many levels. With the increase of levels, the enemy will become more and more difficult to deal with, but you can improve these by constantly practicing and summarizing the experience of failure. In a word, this is a very fun game. I hope you all can play it.

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Editor's Review

At first glance, the game looked like a puzzle platformer full of action and explosions.As a classic action platformer, the gameplay of My Friend Pedro is awfully cool.Being a player, I need to control my character to help my friend-banana rescue his kidnapped wife and child from the bad guys.The story covered in the game is also very vivid. It is worth emphasizing that the character is armed with guns and in the level of parkour, which can destroy the enemy.Most important, I can hold both as I play the game.

On the other hand, the game offers impressive visuals. The clean, simple and easy-to-understand user interface makes the game easier to play to some extent.There's not a lot of content, and the game has really well-blended casual atmosphere. In addition, the visuals are very good and fit the theme of the game, while the fast-paced action music is very suitable for the pace of the game. The satisfaction that this mode brings to the game is very important.

In a word,I recommend this game as a must for every player, because it is extremely fantastic.