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July 15, 2020
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January 23, 2019
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【One Sentence Introduction】

This is a mobile game that helps to develop the potential of the brain, because the genre it belongs to is a puzzle game, and it is a fun game with a classic shape but full of new vitality that has captured the sincere hearts of countless game players.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Let's first turn our attention to Gorogoa's overall power reserve. It has unparalleled potential, showing the deep and thoughtful consideration of the game designer through one interesting and brain-draining level after another. After all, even us simple gamers who don't do design work know that developing puzzles is not an easy task. In order to arrange a unique decryption element, it must rely on the extensive knowledge and rich creativity of the producer. Please dare to imagine that scenario. You walk through the idyllic buildings, appreciating the exquisite frescoes and artifacts handed down from ancient times. At the same time, you have discovered many puzzles embedded in the walls, and they are displayed there waiting for your wits to solve them. Isn't this difficulty an exciting intellectual journey? Right now, I want to focus my efforts on introducing the three major features of the game Gorogoa to the audience in earnest.

Let me think about how I should structure my words, in fact, the first comment or recommendation is often the most difficult to discuss. But I can bluntly say that Gorogoa's greatest strength is its narrative. This is a lifelike storyteller that brings players a unique storyline through a variety of unique modes such as patterns and sounds and has won unanimous praise from the majority of participants. My guess is that this unconventional drawing technique can add extra gameplay value to a seemingly bland puzzle game. There are a lot of illustrations in the game, and it can be seen that the illustrator may spend a lot of time and energy to draw them wholeheartedly. They come together to form the exclusive artistic style of the game, making the entire app present an otherworldly temperament that can only be found in works of art. That's why many fans with discerning tastes can't fault it, and can only use words like "awesome" to give it a perfect evaluation.

Immediately following the previous topic, I want to talk about the source of the graphics in the game. You must know that considering today's rapidly changing science and technology, it is no longer difficult to use computers to describe game characters and even game scenes. Furthermore, the help of digital tools can greatly reduce manual fatigue and maximize the efficiency of the game production process. For this reason, I'm not against computer graphics myself, but I'd be in awe of any game makers who would stop and hand-paint in-game graphics. Because that would be a tiring process, it would be rewarded with a very high-quality graphic design. At the same time, it can also reflect the sincerity presented by the production team to gamers, which is often irreplaceable by mechanical mass production.

Third, the game Gorogoa does well in terms of interactivity. It's been doing its best to guide you to use your brain to achieve the high level of interactivity that puzzle games are good at. Thanks to this classic mechanic, players can fully mobilize creativity and autonomy, giving various feedback to the game. Gorogoa will then give the gamers corresponding guidance, including applause for your successful decryption.

【Top10-Game's Review】

It is said that I want to talk about my review of this game, then my opinion is very firm. Gorogoa's is a really well-crafted, fleshed-out puzzle game with tons of original levels and a distinctly stylized soundtrack. With the above achievements, this game is definitely worth downloading by all decryption enthusiasts. You will try to be a decryption master in the virtual world created by Gorogoa.

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Editor's Review

Click-and-drag puzzle games matches magical music, Gorogoa brought me a distinctively feeling.

The whole game through the picture puzzle deconstruction and recombination to drive the story plot, and there are four puzzle areas.

The gameplay of Gorogoa is novel. And as a thought provoking game, I won’t understand the gameplay of Gorogoa through normal logical. Such as "Clock" and "Copper calabash Temperature Scale" seem to be unrelated illustrations, but they are the key to solving the puzzle.  The same dial and a removable combination of images gave me hints, and success depended on whether I could understand the puzzle.  

In terms of painting style, the whole game is composed of thousands of hand-drawn graphics, including European medieval elements in the city street scenes, furniture and symbolic patterns. The graphic plot and gameplay clues are tightly aligned around the story and fit in well.

Moreover, the core of the game is screen overlap and splicing. The picture of the game is divided into four pieces, and each area presents a scene for me to explore. I find similar scenes by zooming in and out of the area, and splice or mosaic these scenes. If I made it, the original static screen will become an animation.

In a word, Gorogoa is a uniquely imaginative puzzles game and worth playing.