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Papa's Taco Mia To Go!

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September 1, 2022
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January 24, 2019
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【One Sentence Introduction】

Papa's Taco Mia To Go! is also a very mature and popular game in the Papa's game series. It ranks high in the US app store and is a very classic mobile business simulation game.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

This game is also a representative game of the To Go! series. It can be downloaded on both ios and Android platforms, and it can also be played on the computer. In fact, Papa's Taco Mia To Go! has a very festive flavor. The reason why it is so famous is that on the one hand, the game itself is very well done, and on the other hand, its publicity is also very good. At that time, it become famous and became an NBA superstar, Jump made this game popular all over the Internet with a funny line. The strong festive atmosphere can make players fully feel this feature not only in the game but also in reality.

In this game, the player mainly plays the role of a Mexican burrito chef. Then, what the players need to do is cook some dishes. For example, the player can make a burrito, and then put the rest of the ingredients into the burritos in the right place, just roll it all up and cook it to make a dish that pleases the customers. If the dishes made by the players are praised by the customers, then the players will get a lot of tips and can get a lot of income from the meal money paid by many customers, and in this way, the players will also get loyal customers, who will probably come here again to spend once, so players need to obtain customer satisfaction. Because It directly affects whether players can get higher points and whether they can upgrade faster 

In addition, it is very meaningful and valuable for players to obtain these points, because these points allow players to buy their favorite decorations in the app store, and these decorations can make their stores more distinctive and allow customers to be willing to wait a little longer to get the service of this store, thereby increasing the points of the dishes made by the player. The higher the player's points, the faster they level up and unlock many different levels faster.

In addition, an important point that this game is different from other papa's series games is that this game has day and night effects. For example, the sun is brighter during the day, and then the whole atmosphere is more enthusiastic and warm, but at night, the sky outside will darken, and then the effect of the entire restaurant will be relatively quiet. I think this distinction between day and night is a very comfortable point, because it is closer to real life, and it also allows players to feel this time change. And the overall style of this game is also very cute and lovely, especially the image of the player inside, which is a very cute cartoon character. The process of making these burritos is also very interesting. Players can make burritos with different flavors through their creativity, such as some kind of super luxurious secret burritos, which make many food lovers salivate and greatly increase the game's playability and richness.

【Top10-Game's Review】

On the whole, the playability of this game is still very high. Although it is said that the early levels will be relatively simple, as the levels are continuously upgraded, the content that players experience from it will become more and more abundant. Although the player's gameplay is relatively simple, and it is easy to get bored after playing for a long time, because it has a very timely reward mechanism that allows players to continuously unlock new content, it still adds very good playability.

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Editor's Review

Papa's Taco Mia To Go! is a very good simulation management game. The game's style of painting is very cute, and the image of various foods is also very vivid. In the game, players will run their own Papa's Taco Mia store. The game provides a lot of ingredients, and players need to make them according to the requirements of customers. At the same time you can also develop your own brand new burrito to recommend to customers.

In the game, the player plays a taco chef, and all the player needs to do is to make a dish that satisfies the customer by frying the meat and putting the rest of the dishes in the burrito in the right place and then rolling them all up. Although a large part of the people will make a particularly difficult to eat dishes.

If the dish is praised by the customer, then the player will get more tips, and the player can use these tips to buy some interesting decorations, which can make the customers willing to wait longer, so that they can improve the score of the dishes made. So if you are interested in simulation and management, come and enjoy Papa's Taco Mia To Go!