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Football Try Outs

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44.04 Mb
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December 7, 2021
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210.44 Mb
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November 2, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Football Try Outs is a brand-new game which is released in 2021. Fans of football, you may be the first one to experience the game among your friends. And only a daredevil can enjoy the big surprise.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Football Try Outs is a game for almost everyone. The developer reveals it is a game catered to people who are more than 3 years old. Google Play and App Store both provide access to this game and five thousand installations have been made in nearly eight months. What’s more, the size is about 42M and could be regarded as a mini-game. Players will have no worries about the device memory and compatibility of various devices. The game offers free entry for all as well as in-app purchases for users to get premium features.

The interface module of the game is very clearly divided, and the core area dominated by green color is very small, but it accommodates the stadium, players, and referees. There are four street lights and some audience in other areas in light grey. At present, the game has been updated to the second version, so the elements of the whole game are still not very rich. The red color heart refers to the players’ hearts. As the player loses three hearts, he will be dead. One player will gain three hearts at maximum.

The gameplay is appropriate for everyone with clear tutorials. When you start the game, the system will give you a notice which reads: “Tap and drag around the screen to move the football and your football player will chase after the football.” Health packs should be collected to avoid the survival of the opponents. Running into another football player will lose yourself one heart. The reward system is easy to understand. Players can view ads for about 20 seconds to get more coins. Then players with more strength can be purchased in shops. For example, the shopkeeper cost ten coins. I love Hippie most in terms of characters. Once your game is over, you are forced to watch 5-second ads, which may hurt your feelings. But you just can not stop replaying the game. The system will show the scores you gained after you watch the ads, which lures players to replay the game and achieve high scores. And the game also provides more related casual mini-games to download as long as you tap the “install” button.

Since the version has just been upgraded to the second one, many problems happen. For example, I feel rather frustrated that the “background music and sound effects” seem to be not working. After trying several times, I cannot activate the function. Besides, I literally do not like the word-spelling in the app. The capital letters cost more energy to be understood. The game does give players feedback in time, but feedback with exciting sound effects could be better. Of course, the applauds of the audience may greatly increase the interactions and make the game lively.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Well, I have mixed feelings about the game. It is a good game to get relief and escape yourself from unhappy things. And I never encounter glitches and bugs. To my surprise, the drag movement of football players seems to be smooth and fast. More features may be added to the developer’s to-do lists, we can give more support to them and anticipate the brilliant functions to come.

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Editor's Review

“Challenging” can be used to describe the game Football Try Outs. The first time I played the game, I was fascinated by its difficulty. To be honest, the more I played the game, the more I fell in love with it.

The game has a certain degree of difficulty in gameplay, which requires me to have super high skills. Unlike other common football games, what I need to do in the game is try not to get tackled while collecting health packs. It is worth mentioning that health pack is the key to survive in any tackles. Thus, I must try all kinds of ways to collect up to three health packs to ensure my safety. Meanwhile, the other best way to survive is running routes around the other football jocks.

In a word, as complicated as the game sounds, Football Try Outs is rather interesting and make me addicted.