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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

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December 5, 2021
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December 5, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

What do you know about the Chamber of Secrets? Are you a discoverer? The game I'm about to introduce is a bit of a challenge for me, and if you're smart, you should try it.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery, a puzzle game developed by Kiwi Games. Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is a suspense puzzle game created by Independent Team Kiwi Games. Players will play a private detective, and one day receives a letter from his father; players hope to help a small town. Who knows when to find the entire village empty, players must explore the city and solve the puzzle to find his father's whereabouts?

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1.The game is a 3D version of the escape room, in which players look for clues by changing their perspective while the characters are not trapped in a single scene. We're going to explore the whole town, and we're going to find out more once we solve the mystery. And the clues are connected so that the story's truth can be worked out step by step, despite the number of puzzles. But there's very little reuse of puzzles in the game, and most of them are individually designed and very diverse. This means that the player will have a strong sense of experience.

2.The more complex the puzzles become in the later stages of the game, some of which require players to put their minds to the solution. Usually, the same type of game will have a "prompt" function, and the level will give the player a slight hint of what to do next.

3.In addition to escaping from the house, you also need to go outside to explore, to find out the town's secrets; the playability is not low. Some of the settings are very strong, and finally, there are two pretty exciting endings those of you who like Kagi no Kakatta Heya or chamber of secrets should try it! Two-finger zoom support, built up the ladder if found that it cannot come down, you can zoom the view. Swiping left and right can change the perspective, and some key clues are hidden in the back, so take advantage of them.

4.For example, there are four arrows behind the sofa in the first Red House. Remember their direction, then turn the four water-drop signs on the cabinet in the same order to open it. There is a red key inside. In the next room, there is a remote control that turns on the TV under the bed. It's important to note that sliding switches the viewing angle since only two faces are visible from one view, and objects from the other will be hidden automatically. There are difficulties, too many things straightforward to get dizzy, but exciting, especially the room looks so tiny, but there are many things. There is a real-time FPS display in the upper right corner, which should be left over from the development mode.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Overall, the game is a very creative puzzle game with an obvious idea of how to play it and a general puzzle game where you collect clues and props and then open them somewhere else. For example, the ladder in front of the door can be clicked to get, and then on the right side of the props in selecting the ladder.

When you click on the little box on the roof, it automatically sets up the ladder for you. Then once you click on the box, you can open it to find the key, and with the key, you can open the door of the room downstairs, even though you don't have a model of your own, but the default setting is you cannot see the place on the point, such as you directly point to the roof of things, it will show too high.

The overall picture of the game and sound quality is very high, and the game will bring players a lot of good game experience. If you can try the challenge, then this game you must try!

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Editor's Review

Town Mystery is a great puzzle game, especially for free.And the theme of the game has a science fiction, mysterious feeling.The game progresses through layers of puzzle solving and it’s very challenging.

In the game, I had to play the role of a private detective, and after receiving a letter from my father asking for help, I set off to Redcliff town.However, the place was deserted and all its inhabitants were missing.In this case,I have to find out what happened to my father.Starts extremely simple then gets more challenging which is friendly for our new players in my opinion.

In brief, such a brain-burning puzzle game let me full of expectations.At the same time, the process of finding clues is very interesting and irritative.

Without a clue, some of the puzzles are a little difficult.But that’s not the cons of the game.If you’re patient enough,you can solve the puzzle.