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Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game

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February 23, 2022
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February 14, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

You play the game by running different restaurants, preparing food, drinks and serving customers. You make money by doing so and use the money upgrade everything gradually.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. The scenarios and game mechanics are extremely fun and enjoyable to spend time with.

2. The user interface and controls are very efficient and friendly, making the whole process very smooth and free from boring repetitions.

3. Upgrading the restaurant step by step is very a satisfying process.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game, in a different word, is time management game. Though it sounds like some kind of labor, it offers you hours and hours of fun. The game teaches and assists you to cook mouth-watering delicious food belongs to different cultures around the world. It also provides you a lot of different locations to choose from, such as Oriental Restaurants, Fast Food, Desserts and many more. By trying out all the possible combinations of kitchen appliances, from ovens, pots, popcorn maker, and all type different recipes, it gives a huge amount content to enjoy and discover new thing every single second, just like having an adventure in a wonderland of gourmet.

The game has three locations in total, each has a number of restaurants. Though you will have to unluck them by upgrading you character, it is totally worth spending time with you character, making her grow step by step. You might need to spend weeks and weeks of time to get some real pay offs, but the process is still very fun and once you achieve it, it gives you a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

First of all, you start making you first meal on a burger counter, where you test your basic cooking skills and learn more tricks. In the beginning, you are only assigned to a single pan, you can only cook one burger at a time, along with a very slow soda fountain from which to serve drinks. The main object is that how fast you can fill the orders in a limited time. The more customers you serve in a specific time, the more money you will make and the faster you can upgrade your restaurant.

After being able to serve faster and faster to more customers, you will be able to unlock more pans and burners, faster soda fountains and tabletops etc. this is mainly the whole gaming process, as the any other game with the same genre offers. However, Cooking Fever delivers this process way more entertaining and fun, also with way better graphics and soundtracks. It also has one of the best user-interface and controls among all the similar games, which makes the whole process way easier to operate and eliminate many boring and repetitious labor. Step by step, you will upgrade your kitchen equipment and start making a whole load of new dishes, such as cakes, muffins and more. You can decorate your restaurants and attract more customers and upgrade your kitchen to serve faster and more efficient.

Speaking of the content, the game has more than 400 dishes to cook using more than 150 different ingredients, which gives a huge room for creativity and customization. There are also different locations that serve different dishes such as Bakery, Fast-food, Chinese, Pizza, Seafood, Indian, Breakfast café etc. there are also new content is being uploaded on a regular basis, making it always able to provide something new to enjoy and discover.

Except from just being fun, the game also requires a level of critical thinking, fast reflection and decision making and other sets of intellectual skills. One of the most important skills is absolutely time management. So, you are not only having a good time, but also training you brain and time management skill to some extent.

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Editor's Review

Cooking Fever is a very fantastic simulation mini game. I can experience a variety of specialty restaurants in the game, such as western restaurants, Chinese restaurants and dessert shops, and experience different food culture. At the same time, I have to meet all the needs of the customers. In a word, this is a gathering of delicious foods from all over the word SIM game, the gaming experience is praiseworthy.

For one thing, cartoon style combines with bright colors make the whole game graphics looks very comfortable. And the game has a good restoration of all kinds of ingredients, whether in is the cake in the dessert shop, or the hamburger in the western restaurant, both are mouth-watering, as if I’m in the real word.

For another, the gameplay is extremely simple, and I just need to make different food for the customers according their needs. The game through the level of the way, the initial shop customers are relatively few, the requirement s of the ingredients are relatively simple. However, as the level continued to upgrade, the number of customers and their requirements became higher and higher, which put my reaction speed and the arrangement of ingredients to the test. In addition, I also need to be careful not to burn the meat or anything else in the process of making ingredients, otherwise all my hard work will be in vain and the coin will also be deducted. In addition, I can get more coins by decorating the store and making hundreds of upgrades to kitchen appliances and interiors that increase customer satisfaction.

On the whole, this is an awesome game and quite worth playing.