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Talking Tom Candy Run

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October 22, 2021
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October 26, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One sentence Introduction】

This is a brand new running game with Tom Cat as the main character developed by Outfit7. Talking Tom’s new candy store has been robbed, and you need to chase down the robber together with fun buddies who will help you with their awesome special abilities. An amazing new endless runner adventure starts now. Choose your favorite Talking Tom and Friends character and get ready to run, jump, and slide your way through an epic, candy-filled adventure.

【Top10-Game’s Recommend】

To be honest, it’s a must-have casual game. The game scene is very distinctive, in this game you can have a variety of visual experience, so that you will not be bored. On the other hand, I highly recommend it to you because it is so addictive. You can unlock new stores, cool characters, and more. And you can also get new pets to help you in running.

Then, what makes the game fun is that as a player you can collect treasure chests for free coins, new characters, diamonds, and upgrades. As the latest installment in the Tom Cat series, the game adds many new elements to the traditional parkour gameplay, including new characters like Agent Angela, firefighter Ginger, and Police Officer Tom Cat. In a word, Talking Tom Candy Run is a top new running game packed with an infinite amount of fun. It’s free to play and best to enjoy when you’re craving some juicy candy.

After that, simple operation but very test your reflexes and hand speed. Run, jump, and slide in pursuit of escaped robber. You can also collect coins and candy as you run, but try to avoid obstacles along the way.

Later on, the game continues the previous cute and interesting graphics, and the overall color is bright. The combination of different colors, the design of various scenes, and each parkour area have distinct characteristics, which will never make you feel depressed and bored. And the scene switching of the whole game is also flexible. For example, one minute you’re running on the colorful beach, and the next minute you will switch to the snowy Alpine village. It is really amazing to enjoy the scenery during the parkour process.

【Top10-Game’s Review】

From the overall experience of the game, the design of Talking Tom Candy Run is well. The gameplay is simple and easy to pick up and the characters are kind of unique. It is currently available for download for both iOS and android devices. Talking Tom Candy Run includes standout features like leveling up characters, collecting coins, challenging obstacles to overcome, and more. The game offers a riveting storyline in which talking Tom’s new candy store is robbed and if he wants to get his candy back, then he needs to run as fast as he can. What’s more, with multiple playable characters, you can choose your favorite and be ready to run, jump and slide through the candy-filled adventure. Seriously, I’m totally addicted to this game. It is super fun, and even the characters are super cute, and even there powers are cool. Additionally, this running game is more joyful and different of all running games. Tom Cat, Angela and Hank all are very cute in this game.

Of course, there are always two sides to everything. The only thing I’m not happy with about the game is there’s a one-second delay every time I jump, which causes me to lose points and energy. If this problem can be improved, the overall game experience will be much better.

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Editor's Review

To be honest, the cute and casual action parkour jumping gameplay is one of the main reasons that attracted me to this game. Also developed by Outfit7, Talking Tom Candy Run is different from most games, both in terms of gameplay and content presentation, but each has its own merits.

First of all, we can see that the designers really put a lot of thought into the props and Settings. The game continues the previous cute and interesting graphics, the overall color is bright. With the collocation of different colors and the design of a variety of scenes, each parkour area has distinct characteristics, which will never make me depressed and boring. At the same time, the design of the whole game is unpredictable, for example, one minute I am running on the colorful beach, the next moment I switch to a snowy Alpine village, and it is really amazing to enjoy the scenery in the process of parkour.

Then, the biggest feature of the game is the unprecedented new experience of parkour. Its operation is very simple, the gameplay is also very rich. I just need to click to control the character to run, jump, and slide. And it is precisely because of this simple operation that the more I play, the more addicted it becomes, and the fun is so unstoppable. 

What’s more, in terms of gameplay, my biggest feeling is that it is different from ordinary parkour games which focus on the score competition. This game integrates many aspects of features such as character upgrading and unlocking, treasure chest settings and so on.

In a word, I can get a full sense of achievement in this game every time. If you are also interested in Tom Cat, then come to experience this cool running game, I believe it will bring you a different feeling!