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There Is No Game: WD

67 % Ratings:( 2011

About this game

Size :
42.99 Mb
Updated :
January 3, 2022
Developer :
Draw Me A Pixel
Size :
719.09 Mb
Updated :
January 3, 2022
Developer :
Draw Me A Pixel

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

How's Your Puzzle Game? I'm usually not very good at this type of game. I don't have a clue. However, the game I'm about to introduce is one I'm very fond of and one I'm willing to patiently try many times.

The game, called There Is No Game, was created by Draw Me a Pixel. This is also a steam transplant to the mobile phone adventure puzzle game. The screen is excellent pixel style, game-level content-rich and engaging, click-style play to make the operation more straightforward and accessible. There is a fascinating plot for you to experience. Space is clear, is your leisure and entertainment, the best way to pass the time.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

There is no game: Wrong Dimension is a click-through comedy adventure that takes you through a ridiculous and unexpected video game universe that you've never volunteered for. Can you play the game and Find Your Way Home? We sincerely believe that we cannot. This is a more exotic unconventional game, the game you will and voiceover interaction! In the picture, to do some operations, in short, when he said no, do not seriously on the line and suggested wearing headphones, voiceover is a natural person, more game experience.

This game uses pixel style as the theme of the production; the world of nonsense you will experience here is a pretty fantastic game; various RPG adventure plot leads you into the fun of the world. Puzzle thinking is absurd in the game, and you can also see that the author's mind is incredible. Here, solving puzzles also need players to have great sense because you cannot understand the plot of the direction and development you cannot understand.

Since it's a click comedy adventure game, it means you don't need a controller to play it. Amazing Flat 3D graphics, completely flat. And it's very pixelated, and it does almost the whole thing. Solving puzzles that require you to "think outside the box" involves a prompt system because you can't "think outside the box". Even though it says it's not a game, there's no reason not to play. Although the game is all in English, the difficulty is not great, relatively short. It's a mind game. All you have to do is work against the narrator. Minecraft's pixelated, funny voiceover adds to the gaming experience.

Here's what I think is the most crucial part. I will give you some game tips to help you get started quickly. Enter the game with a progress bar that waits quietly until the end. He will say there is no game and click O to open it. He'd say put the O on, but you couldn't put it on, and there was this mysterious white object in the upper right corner! All you have to do is keep throwing the O, and in the upper right corner, the thing will fall. Take That. Honk. You were honking the horn like a maniac, building up your hand speed. Then he gets boarded up by the narrator. Don't panic. Smash the board with your "O", and the narrator will seal him in titanium.

That's when you throw the titanium box, and two screws appear, and you hold it down and let it fall. There is a GAME in the blank. Use the ball to hit all the boxes, and one must be broken, so there is a ball in the upper left corner. Drag him into the game. Please note that this ball is invincible, so beat all the boxes! And then there's the trophy, which you keep, and then you go in the blank, and you go in at Goat. Back on the main page, a weird thing steals the key, hits the TREE in the space, and a sapling appears, using the trophy to fetch water from the map on the right. Drop the cup of water on the sapling. Go to the top of the tree and light it with a chestnut in the lower right corner. Smash the chestnuts with a titanium box and give the fruit to the animal. The master key opens the room on the right side of the main page. Master Key unlocks. And it worked!

【Top10-Game's Review】

Overall, there is no game; it is an entirely gratuitous pixel world with excellent creative content; you need to solve the corresponding puzzle according to the aspect ratio. Of course, this is not a game. That's if you believe the Devil's voiceover. It's what makes no sense.

Will players try to enjoy the challenge of super fun in this game? There are no clear rules to the game. If you want to pass this level, you must practice your problem-solving skills in various environments and immediately become more muscular and give this level!

Solving a puzzle here also requires a great deal of insight, as the direction and development of the plot are entirely unpredictable. That's what makes the game so much fun. After my presentation, are you interested? If so, don't hesitate to download it!

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Editor's Review

The distinguishing feature of There Is No Game: WD is that think outside the box. For example, in the process of playing the game, the seemingly useless items lead me to find uses step by step and unexpected combinations of scenes and objects. This is extremely creative in terms of interactivity, and the process of the game never bored me at all.

The gameplay of the game is very simple, I only need to interact with the scene characters through mouse clicks to promote the story. In this process, the characteristic dubbing makes the characters more rounded and the game more interesting to play. At the same time, as the story goes deeper, the plot is not drop the ball, and every NPC is impressive.

Most mystery games are a little thin on the story, but There Is No Game: WD made it. The game has six chapters, and each chapter is interesting. Throughout the game, a voice calling itself "the program" interacted with me, trying to drive me out of the game with all sorts of cute items and methods, which made my curiosity even more aroused.

On the whole, There Is No Game: WD is a creative game and you can try it if you’re interested.