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Bouncy Hoops

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About this game

Size :
Varies with device
Updated :
April 26, 2021
Developer :
Noodlecake Studios
Size :
150.15 Mb
Updated :
October 26, 2021
Developer :
Noodlecake Studios

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Bouncy Hoops is another sports game with pixel style. Friends who like to play basketball must download this game, come and be the most handsome and powerful bowler on the basketball court.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

This game is specially made for players over the age of three, so this game does not require too much intelligence, equipment, and operation for players. Players can install the software on major app stores and URLs with download addresses. In addition, this software is free to download and experience but contains some advertisements, and players can purchase the ad-off function according to their preference for advertisements. At present, more than 0.5 million users have downloaded this game, and the user group is very wide. It seems that this game has been recognized by the public and warmly welcomed by players.

The gameplay is easy to understand. Bouncy Hoops is a basketball game for all shooters and basketball enthusiasts, whether you are a basketball novice or a shooting king, you can find fun and a sense of accomplishment here. In this high-scoring street basketball challenge, you can do things like bounce, shoot, and slam rocks to beat your opponent within the time limit.

This game provides basketball players with more than 40 basketball types with various characteristics. We all know that a well-designed basketball court can maximize the experience of playing basketball. Therefore, the game has prepared 10 unique locations for players, and players can play their skills in different styles of golf courses. Unlock different gameplay, the operation process is very simple, the player only needs to tap the screen to make the basketball jump up once, as long as the player can ensure that the basketball bounces into the basket at the right time, the system will reward you according to your performance.

In terms of visual design, the game is made in pixel style, with a retro trend, and the cartoon design style is a bit cute. The game scenes are very rich. There are street basketball games by the road in the city, the khaki basketball court on the beach by the sea, and the dark purple field next to the bustling CBD at night. Each scene has unique elements. The background music of the game has the feeling of some American street music, which is very energetic and passionate. There are also cheers from the audience and the voices of mutual encouragement between the players as if the players are in a passionate game. After the game, there were short pieces of streamer floating on the screen, which looked very celebratory. Every time the basketball is hit, there will be an explosion spark effect, which is very cool and burst. Players can also share their game scores on social media.

Some players complain that there are too many ads. For example, it will ask players if they want to keep their winning streak by watching ads. The platform wants you to see ads to restore your game life. The game is fun but adult players can play it quickly. However, I believe that the team can develop more and more interesting gameplay in the later stage, such as forming its basketball club.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Fans of pixel game style, basketball fans hidden in all corners of the world, and players who want to relax, can download the game and start enjoying a happy shooting time. A little practice can lead to great satisfaction!


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Editor's Review

Being a big fan of basketball, it is exciting to experience the fun of shooting through the simplest way. As a retro arcade style basketball game, its simple game operation and interesting scoring system deeply attracted me.

Meanwhile, the most important feature of the game is that it has a time limit. That is to say, as a player, I must put the ball into the basket within a specified time, which will refresh the time and accumulate scores. Otherwise, the game is over.

However, the game’s shortcomings are also obvious. In spite there are many different locations and balls to choose from, most of them require me to recharge to unlock, which affected my gaming experience to some extent.

On the whole, despite the game is not so perfect, I can also experience the addictive one touch handles aka gameplay. Meanwhile, Bouncy Hoops is a basketball game for all the street ballers and shot callers. If you want to challenge, welcome to download and play it.