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Drive Ahead!

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March 31, 2022
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March 7, 2022
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Description & How To Play

In the game, the competition is no longer about the speed, the game to compete is the player's driving car technology, but more importantly, luck. Players and opponents will start a special race, and the rules of the game is to successfully hit the other driver's head, whether it is hit by the vehicle or hit the ground. As long as the hit to the head that is failure, and the other side will get 1 point. If either side points reach 5 points, it will win from the game, and the other side will fail.

As the game's main elements, the car and the race course are naturally the developer's main production. Players have a total of 32 different vehicles to choose from, and each time the game begins the vehicle of the player is random, the player can only choose the corresponding tactics in the process of the game according to the characteristics of each car. The player needs to know that the small car and off-road vehicles, garbage trucks and F1 cars not only in the different appearance, but the effects are also different. So, how to be able to ensure that they are safe in the game, but also smoothly hit the other one’s head, is not an easy task.

And in terms of race venues, there are 26 completely different competitive tracks for players to have a completely different game experience every game, just like random cars, each race venue is also randomly generated, each venue has its different characteristics. For example, some venues are in the air on two iron frames, while some are on an island surrounded by the sea. Of course, players can also use the characteristics of the venue to win the game in a more convenient way, for example players can directly push their opponents into the water, so as to directly win the game.


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Editor's Review


Drive Ahead! is a driving game where the goal is not to cross the finish line or run as far as possible. Instead, your only goal is to destroy your opponent before they destroy you. To do that, you need to knock your friend in the head with a stunning driving car to score.

【How to play】

Simple operation, easy to learn the rules of gameplay, and head-to-head collision to defeat opponents. While it may seem like a casual game on the surface, there’s a ton of content to unlock and game modes to master.

First of all, the game adopts a fixed button mode, with no extra action except for the left and right buttons at the bottom of the screen to move the car left and right. The controls are very simple, but the process is not easy, and the vehicle may be too light and move too fast from side to side, causing the center of gravity to shift. Therefore, you can use this method to tilt up your front wheels, which is more conducive to combat, but you also need to be careful of the danger of too much deviation and rollover, so it is a great test for players to control the precision of manipulation.

Next, the game uses 2D horizontal version of the challenge mode, you will enter a closed arena, driving their car into the opponent, who hit the opponent’s head first to win. In addition to the regular F1 racing cars, there are off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, tanks, stunt cars and more. The collision process is also exciting and it is really the best of head-to-head battlers.

Last but not least, there are two modes of the game: single mode and multiplayer mode. In the multiplayer mode, four buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen of the player, respectively controlling the two cars to fight. This is a completely fair, and the victory can only be achieved by relying on their own wisdom and skillful operation of the vehicle. The appearance of players fighting on the same screen makes the game more interactive. And with multiplayer mode where you can face off against a friend on the same Android, each on a different side of the device. The challenge is going to be amazing.


The performance of music in Drive Ahead! is mediocre. The repetitive BGM can easily make people tired of hearing, but this has little impact on the overall experience of the game. After all, as a player I pay more attention to the content of the game itself.


Hundreds of pixel cars and levels bring players a fun and exciting game experience. The pixelated art style makes the game look very retro, the character and vehicles are cartoonish, and the venues are very technological. And the best part is that the refinement of the image is not diminished by the use of pixels. What’s more, the game interface is so clean that I can’t stop playing.

【Game review】

All in all, Drive Ahead! is a very exciting racing car game, a variety of cool racing cars can be for you to choose. Not only can you experience the magic of racing car games, but you can also crash with other players, knocking their cars off the track. I believe the fast pace of racing gives you a different kind of excitement. If you’re interested in competitive car battles, don’t miss this game out!



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