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February 5, 2022
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January 24, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Do you like cookies? Does the gingerbread man like it? Will you be tempted to make a game out of cute cookies? I will introduce a role-playing game that I think is very easy and cute. If you like cookies, chances are you will like this game. The game, called Cookie Run: Kingdom, was developed by Devsisters Corporation.

Cookie Run Kingdom developed and released by South Korean company Devsisters, is the sixth game in the Cookie Run series. Like other video games, Cookie Run Kingdom introduces new content to tie in with seasonal holidays. It's December, and developers at the Cookie Run Kingdom are preparing a winter update for the game and its players to add a new character.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1.Some of Cocoa Cookie's stories begin by showing that she was invited by Mint Choco Cookie, whom the Kingdom Philharmonic invited to perform at their upcoming winter concert. From there, the trailer shows some of Cocoa Cookie's gameplay, which involves using healing powers to restore the health of other characters. It also indicates that Cocoa Cookie conjures a large cup of hot Cocoa, and it has a spinning attack that she can use against multiple enemies at once.

2.The introduction concludes with an additional costume that you can choose for Cocoa Cookie in the game. It doesn't show if there are other costumes available for her in the Cookie Run Kingdom or if players can customize her outfit to fit only one. As part of an update to Cookie Run Kingdom 12.8, there will also be three new events, such as a lucky holiday ribbon, a winter concert of mint chocolate chip cookies, and holiday cake baking. This gingerbread man lets you grow the Army of adventure into the game. You will follow the courage cookies and strawberry cookies that managed to escape from the Witch's oven to a brand-new ancient Renaissance Kingdom in the game. You will work with the lovely sugar gnomes and find a way to organize the Cookie Army to explore the outside world.

3.The gameplay is divided into the Daredevil adventure and the kingdom building. At each level adventure, you will be able to select five cookies to form a death squad, each with its position and skill characteristics, according to the requirements of the level, with a certain number of replacements, tanks, and goons. In the level, although the game has the option of automatic combat, you slightly push the level, which will give up the idea of robotic combat because those seemingly cute enemies have a high degree of intensity.

4.You will need to properly control the timing of each character's moves to make sure that all the cookies are safe while emptying as much of the enemy as possible. In addition, the game to the mid-term, but also equipped with treasure casting skills, is a significant change. As you progress through the checkpoint, you'll learn that you can't go beyond what's inside. The game ties the kingdom's construction to the level of the cookie. So, if you don't make the most of your domain, the cookies will never get any better. Fortunately, the construction of the gameplay is also colorful, and there are a variety of small things that can let you free to decorate your own country.

【Top10-Game's Review】

In general, Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mind and body delight collection adventure game recommended for people who love the Cookie series and want to find a growth game. No matter from the picture or the sound effect, including the difficulty of starting to operate all set just right.

While the game has some unfortunate commercial designs, such as many cookies that end up as workers, Time-yield curves designed for stickiness, or building something later, it can slow down access to scarce resources. Overall, the game is a test of judgment in the adventure battle, pioneering, after the clearance of the storylines is very careful and exciting.

In addition, Kingdom building is diverse enough that watching individual cookies wander around their carefully crafted kingdom can be quite therapeutic. This work even if the gift bag is many, but most of the resources and the biscuit can use the time to exchange slowly, letting the player have the very strong.

In addition, the infrastructure is designed creatively, with mills that look like Swiss rolls, quarries that look like sugar cubes, and hot bakeries. You will need to distribute the cookies to various sites to work, and they will receive work after the start of the mission. The picture can be said to be quite healing. However, I have to say that the game is very counterintuitive. The offline yield curve for the game is extraordinary. It takes 30 seconds to make three rolls of Swiss timber, but it takes 360 seconds to make nine rolls of Swiss wood. It's the same amount of money!

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Editor's Review

As the first RPG in the Cookies’ series, the game's cartoonish, European-American style is relaxed and healing.Also it is very popular with our female gamer.In terms of gameplay alone, it looks like a social RPG combined with SIM, and the game is relatively simple. You need to control cookies step by step through levels, challenge monsters and bosses, and unlock the main plot and the Cookie Kingdom map in the process.At the same time, there are some parkour elements in the game.

In addition, the combat system in the game is flexible enough to choose from, for example, you can choose automatic combat and have them release skills automatically, or you can choose cookie avatar and release skills at the right time.In the meantime, profits from the venture can be used to build our own Cookie Kingdom.

However, such an interesting game, the only cons is that the role in the game through the way of drawing cards, but drawing card burst rate is low, a bit of waste of resources.If this can be improved, the game will be much better.

In short, the pros of this game outweigh the cons, I suggest you can have a try.