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January 25, 2022
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January 26, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

UNO! It is a quite compelling card game which is popular all around the world.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. UNO! can exercise players’ brains a lot. That’s because card games can activate several parts of our brain and encourage our logical thinking, and thus it can also improve people's memory.

2. In addition, UNO! is a game suitable for almost all ages, so you can play with friends or family members to pass the time, and at the same time, it can enhance your relationships.

【Top10-Game's Review】

UNO has a literally long history compared to other common card games, and the popularity of this card game is also high in many countries. I am more than glad to see this famous card game can be developed to be a mobile one and get more convenient to play with friends. There are several reasons why I would highly recommend this game to you guys.

The art style of this game can be said to be very exquisite and incomparable, the graphics on the whole is simple and clean, giving off the vibe of minimalism, and the sound effects of the card game will not interfere with your game at all, conversely they help you focus more.

The gameplay of this game is also not that hard as you may think, which is basically the same as the gameplay of UNO cards in real life version without too many changes. The players are basically composed of four people. The system will first automatically shuffle the UNO cards and distribute them to each person with seven cards. The remaining cards will be collected together and then placed in the middle of the desk. After the card is dealt, the first person can turn out the top card in the stack and follow the card with this card just as the starting card. The ultimate winner of the game is the player who uses all the cards in his hand first. If unfortunately no player uses all the cards in his hand, the players can add up the total points of the remaining cards in their hand as their personal score. The player who first reaches or exceeds 500 points is the final winner. But most of the time, there will be a player who uses up his cards.

If you are the beginner, I do not mind tell you some basics of this card game in case you feel a bit at loss when you start it. First of all, you can observe easily that every UNO card contains two elements, which are colors and contents. We have to follow the rules of this card game, that is, the color of the card you are about to give must be the same color as the latest one. If not, the number should be consistent .It is worth noting that UNO is different from other common card games in that it has many special cards, such as wild cards and skip cards. There are one card that is really useful, which can be followed by any card. For example, if the starting card is red and the number of point is 4, then the cards that can be followed are all red cards or all cards with the number of 4. Actually you still have one more option if you have a special card.

Also if there is no card to get, then touch a card from the top of the stack in the middle. If the card you just got is a playable card, you can choose to play it immediately. All in all, this game is worth trying. I hope you and your friends can download it and play it.   

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Editor's Review

I was totally attracted by the game’s name.To be honest, before playing the game, I made a point of checking its background.This card play called “UNO” because when a player has two cards in his hand, he must shout "UNO!" before only one card left in his hand. This means "1" in Spanish and Italian.That sunds very fun and I was deeply attracted.

Beyond that, Once I learn about the rules of palying cards, and the gamepaly become relatively simple.I play one card at a time in order, but only if it has the same color or number as the last card.For example, the last player played a red 4, and I had two choices: one was to play the same number of 4 and turn the color blue; the other is to play a blue six, and the color is still red.Of course, the key to winning the game is that whoever plays all the cards in his hand wins.

One of the things I have to mention is that the presence of feature cards and universal cards somewhat detracted from the experience. The feature cards are all about punishment, and I get really annoyed.

On the whole,the process of the game is full of fun,try it out if you’re interested.



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