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November 10, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Clash Royale is a real-time strategy game launched out in the year of 2016 by a Finnish game company called Supercell. It is a mobile video game that combines strategy and card game elements.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. This strategy game can provide players with fun of competition, and the game goal is very simple and clear. You can see the charms of strategy and enjoy it a lot.

2. This game can exercise your strategic thinking abilities. It requires you to think constantly and choose the best plan to defeat the enemy. In the process, your sense of achievement will be improved, and your logical thinking ability will also be greatly improved.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Clash royal can always attract fans of card game a lot. And I believe it will never be the kind of game that easily lets players down and makes them get fed up. First of all, the graphic design of this game is very refined to the degree of perfection, which is shown in every detail of this game. And you have two graphics qualities to choose from, which are low and high. Low graphics will keep you from using up a lot of battery especially when your phone has not much battery, but if you if the phone has enough power, I still recommend you to choose high graphics, because the definition is really high enough, you can see the colorful visuals and wonderful animation. There are also a variety of sound effects. You could get easily amused by funny sounds made by your characters.

This game can bring you a lot of unparalleled competitive experience. Although it is easy to get started as a beginner, it will turn out to be a bit complicated and brain-wracking with level increasing, so if you want to master this game, you need to learn more strategies.

But don’t get freaked out because it is a bit complicated. Being challenging is also its charm. It won’t make you feel bored easily. It is a strategy game anyways so you need to choose different plans while playing this game.

The strategy you have to use lie in the card combination. You have different cards to choose form and each of them has distinct features and various damage level. You have to use various cards to form your own combat units, and attack the opponent's tower buildings and successfully take down the opponent's tower within a limited time. This is also the ultimate goal of this game. Thanks to the differentiated cards supplied by this game, you can strategically combine different cards to combat with your enemies and achieve your goal, which requires you to know the characteristics of each card very well. It is a little challenging to win the battle also for the reason that this game is really unpredictable. Players in Clash Royal can even intervene in the battle at any time, so the battle results of this game are more difficult to predict. You can replace or add new cards in time during the game based on the situations of the battle to increase the odds of winning. Don't think that there is only one choice of cards to win the game. This is also the charm of this game. Here in this game as long as you use your creative strategy mind, you can have many different combinations of cards to win.

The game's pace is really fast as well and each round doesn't take long, and usually it takes just a few minutes. So when you lose any round, don't get discouraged and just start over right away. Anyway, hope all of you guys could have a fantastic game experience in Clash Royal!

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Editor's Review

Clash Royale is a very fun tower defense strategy game, there are different card matching, the number of open box is limited, gold coins are not enough to upgrade, and I can’t helping paying for games.

In addition, there are many ways to get cards in the game, such as the crown box can be opened one day, while the silver box can be opened four or five times a day for three hours, and the night can be opened a gold box during sleep.The free chests refresh every four hours and can be opened at least four times a day.In short, the number of cards acquired every day is to be considerable.

Also, the fairness of the game greatly increased my favor for it.Since each person can only carry eight cards, it is easy to draw the cards I want, so most of the tactics I set up before the game can be fulfilled. And this strategy is very wise and advantageous.

In spite the gameplay is fun,but I have to spend gems to instantly open my chests.It’s a pity for me.