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Minion Rush: Running game

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February 3, 2022
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February 3, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

A wonderful present for those who love the film Despicable Me. You can spend time with your favorite characters and explore many movie scenes with extremely fun challenges within the game.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. Very immersive and engaging as the movie, drags you in to the movie scenes which are beautiful and full of fun.

2. Buying new minions and new abilities by collecting bananas gives you a great sense of achievement.

3. Minions are cute and extremely adorable with all kinds of silly and fun animation.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Despicable Me is a superb film that is beautifully animated. If you have enjoyed film before, then you also must have heard of this game: Minion Rush. A mobile game based on the movie, which sometimes is even more interesting then watching the movie. And it turned out that this type of genre is so suitable for characters like minions and this game has become one of the best running games ever.

This game genre has been out there for a long time and became all over the place, making it less attractive and fresh. However, minion rush tries a few things to keep game still surprising, fresh and not so predictable.

You play the game as one of the cute yellow animals that is called minion, which is a main character from the movie. There isn’t any story going on, you just run around, collecting bananas and making destruction all over the place. Gameplay uses the familiar three-lane switching system, with swipes in four directions, which are right track, left track, jump and slide. Three are banana all over the map for you to collect. When you collect enough bananas, you will be able to buy some power-ups and other cool stuffs, so it’s like the money of the game. There is also another type of money, which is tokens. You can use tokens to buy some rarer and more valuable items, but it’s way more difficult to find and obtain.

Like many other similar types of games, one of the most important factors to score well, is to drive your multiplier as high as you can. You can build you multiplier in the game by doing some special acts, such as hitting other minions, destroying some item by using power-ups etc. also there are many missions to complete. There are always three of them in a single run, which are from Gru, Dr. Nefario, or Gru’s daughters. Gru’s tasks are the most difficult and need some skills to complete. When you complete these tasks, you will have higher multiplier in the begging of the run, which gives you much bigger advantage winning a high score. you can also skip some of the missions by spending tokens, but there are not really worth it since the tokens are extremely rare, unless you are willing to buy them with real money.

The game is wonderfully done speaking of the artistic aspects. The scenes and the graphics are beautiful, with vibrant colors and a lot nuances and well-polished details in the scenes. The minions are exactly the same as the movie, whether their individual personality or their voices. They also have so many cute and adorable animations that always surprise you and make you laugh, such as every type of death has its own unique animation and on the main screen, minions do all kind of stupid and funny dances. Some of the soundtracks are also from the movie, which gives the game a really nice and enjoyable atmosphere.

For the conclusion, minion rush is not just an average running game which is only sold towards movie fans, but it’s a genuine excellent game with all types fun original content to enjoy and explore. The challenges are also very addictive and fun, which makes you forget about time and unable stop yourself from running and running round after round.


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Editor's Review

From the game graphics and the gaming experience, Minion Rush is a classic casual parkour game. The gameplay is relatively simple, what I need to do is control the main character Minions constantly running forward, trying to collect bananas from the map, take down the supervillain hideouts and compete for the best title of Minion of the year.

Meanwhile, the running isn’t the only thing that’s endless in the game. Fresh adventure and content are added constantly, so I’ll never lose the fun of parkour. Also, this family-friendly action game is packed with exciting missions, levels, items and crazy costumes that make it possible to dress up my Minions.

In addition, as with similar games, high scores are achieved by improving the multiplier as much as possible, and this multiplier can be established by performing despicable acts. And as family-friendly parkour game, I can move to the next track, jump or slide in four directions by using the familiar three-lane system.  

On the whole, the game graphics is exquisite, the content is novel and rich, and I believe Minion Rush will bring you a different parkour game experience. Come and join me having fun together!