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Papa's Pizzeria To Go!

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September 1, 2022
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January 24, 2019
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

The game Papa's Pizzeria To Go! is a very simple and fun business simulation game, and the background of the game is that the protagonist starts to run his father's pizza shop one day, so players need to manage the pizza shop well and find ways to make him popular and then the player's tasks and challenges are one after another.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

In Papa's Pizzeria To Go!, there are many levels, the early levels are relatively simple where the player needs to make some baking, mix ingredients and so on to complete these tasks alone, and also entertain the guests, and let the guests get a feeling of being at home. However, as the difficulty of the level increases, the player will receive more guests, so it will become more busy. Of course, at this time, the player's income will also increase. When the player makes lots of money, they can hire more chefs and waiters. Therefore, this game is still relatively close to real life. Players can imagine themselves as the small shop owner of this shop, working hard in order to expand operations and obtain higher profits, and meet the various strange needs of customers. Only by getting the satisfaction and praise of customers, players could get more customers, so as to obtain more profits, so that the store will continue to expand the area and increase the number of employees.

In fact, the game gives players enough rush to play all the way to higher levels, why? Because the player's goal in this game is very clear, that is to achieve turnover. At the beginning and end of each day, players will set a target turnover and feedback the actual turnover of the day to see the gap between the two. We will also see the changes in the number of deposits made by players in different time periods. For example, on the first day, the total number of deposits of players is relatively small. As the number of customers served continues to increase, the deposits of players will increase. Moreover, these deposits are very meaningful. Players can use these deposits to buy some props and different equipment in the store. For example, players can use the deposits to get phones and other things to upgrade their recipes, and buy more unique restaurants tables and chairs, etc. These equipments and objects can be used to decorate the restaurant to make the restaurant's image more beautiful, so as to attract more customers and bring more benefits to the restaurant. Of course, players can also go to buy some pans and snacks, etc., which can also help them serve better and more customers.

Moreover, the game's graphics and content are very rich. For example, we can see that there are different customers on the main interface of the restaurant, and their images and ages are different. Each customer will have a small box above their head with their own profile, such as different flavors of pizza, etc. Then, players need to make different pizzas according to their needs to provide them with better service. If the player's cooking process is very slow, it will also make customers anxious. If the player can't make a special pizza according to the customer's taste, he can't get satisfactory feedback. Only after the customer gets a satisfactory pizza, will the corresponding fee be paid in full, so that the player can earn income. At this time, the player can obtain a certain amount of virtual currency.

【Top10-Game's Review】

On the whole, this game is still very interesting and rich, whether it is different music effects, or seeing the changes in the expressions of some characters in the screen, etc., it is very finely done, so this game is still very worth trying.

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Editor's Review

Papa's Pizzeria To Go! is a fun pizza making game, which will perfect restorate each pizza, you will have a lot of pizza to sell to customers, let them give you more gold to upgrade your pizza store. 

In the game, the player has to play both the restaurant waiter, but also to play the pizzeria chef, and the player needs to make pizza according to the customer's requirements. The way to make pizza is actually very simple, you just need to put the ingredients into the pizza pie, and then put it into the oven to bake, and then cut into several pieces on it.

However, although the toppings are not much, but the customer's requirements for baking time, as well as the number of toppings, placement and size of the cut pieces are different, and if the pizza made is well received by customers, then the customer will give more tips, the more these tips, but also the higher the player control role level, unlocking more and more customers.

The game has been well received by most players, and many people think it is a very interesting casual game. Players who like it can come and try it.