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Stumble Guys

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About this game

Size :
125.83 Mb
Updated :
March 28, 2022
Developer :
Kitka Games
Size :
345.84 Mb
Updated :
March 31, 2022
Developer :
Kitka Games

Description & How To Play

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer group slaughter game in which up to 32 players can play online. The game is inspired by Fall Guys, which is also popular on Android and iOS devices.

As we have already said, we are facing a game of mass elimination of up to 32 players in the online player group. In this game, we have to fight on all levels, where chaos increases significantly. The goal is simple: to stand out as the winner of the battle against the other players. If we are eliminated on any of the levels, we have to start over. So until we finally win the game.

Customizing our characters is very important in Stumble Guys. As you can see when you open the game, we have a store where we can buy various skins that change the appearance of our characters, as well as some abilities that will help us. The ability to change the appearance of the character is something that greatly enhances the game.

There are a lot of options in this sense, with different outfits, but also the ability to change the skin color, face and expression to the way it is going to move. This is a funny thing because in this game, physics is the most interesting and unexpected, and this element undoubtedly adds a new dimension to the game and needs to be kept in mind at all times. Falling is unexpected and something to remember when controlling your character and facing opponents.

Many of the skins we can use in Stumble Guys are free, but there are many others that are paid for. The game gives us the option to customize our characters without paying for them, but for some users the characters that look better or are more interesting are the ones we have to pay for. It's best to start with the free ones, and if you plan to play the game more and more on Android, then you can use one of the payment methods from time to time.

There are in-game tournaments that are designed for us to face other players. These tournaments are a way to demonstrate our skills in these types of situations and royale battles. The action in them is unchanged from the action in the random games of the game. Of course, our goal is to win these tournaments in order to get rewards that help us to progress and to be able to improve our role in the game.

In addition to these tournaments, in Stumble Guys we can see the categories. These rankings are a way to see how we can progress or improve in the game after participating in tournaments or these Battle Royale games. If it's a game you're playing with friends, you can compare each person's skill or level based on your position in this list or category in the game. These rankings are updated in real time, so you can check your ranking changes anytime after a match or tournament.

Stumble Guys is a game that is becoming a success among millions of users on Android and iOS. As we have mentioned many times, this game shows us a new concept. It is a game inspired by Fall Guys and other games based on the Battle Royale concept. Not only it leaves us with a unique gaming experience, but they know how to introduce elements that make it different from other games in the field.

Stumble Guys fun-filled waterfall is sometimes surreal or absurd, which helps to make it especially fun at all times. In addition, it has very simple controls that help any player on Android to enjoy it on their phone. The option to provide us with many customizable characters is another aspect that is positively valued.

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Editor's Review

Not long ago, Stumble Guys, a multiplayer game caught my attention. Colorful graphics, a group of cute cartoon characters in a variety of fancy map race running around, the scene was very funny. I concluded that the game appealed to me for two main reasons.

For one thing, as a massively multiplayer party knockout game with up to 32 players online intention to struggle through levels round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains, so the excitement and pleasure of the process is definitely increasing. At the same time, there are a lot of fun map games everywhere, and many new modes and levels make the game much more fun and challenging. At least in this regard, the whole process is not boring for me and it is even creative.

For another, it is self-evident that it’s wonderful in terms of gameplay. As an adventure game, its operation is very strong. Tripping opponents up with braids, playing pranks. In the process of the game, I need to control the characters on the screen, avoid all kinds of dangers, and the most important thing is to reach the end point within the specified time.

In addition, in the process of the challenge, I’ll also get a variety of such rewards, and these rewards can help me to win the final victory.

All in all, the game is very fun and can help you kill boring time, even get unexpected surprises. What are you waiting for?