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Angry Birds 2

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About this game

Size :
78.64 Mb
Updated :
April 11, 2022
Developer :
Rovio Entertainment
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300.21 Mb
Updated :
April 11, 2022
Developer :
Rovio Entertainment

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

A more exciting and colorful gaming experience compared with the original.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. A huge number of different maps that never repeat themselves.

2. The sense of accomplishment you can get when you defeat the levels with various strategies and tactics.

3. A lot of new game mechanics that will surprise you and suck you in, or probably make you annoyed.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Angry birds, the first and the original series of the game was a great hit. It was a pioneer as one of the best mobile games of 2009. One of the big reasons why it was so engaging and popular was that you only had to pay once for the main game and you could just enjoy it for as long as you want and after months, even years, there would’ve been many updates and new content for you to enjoy, all free of charge. Angry bird 2 is a little bit different, or maybe, totally different. people have different ideas about if this difference is better or worse, and we will talk about all these in the article later.

You probably have enjoyed the first game a lot. Angry bird 2 is not different speaking of its core factors compared with the first game. I’m going to explain the game a little, in case you haven’t played the game before. Your main target is to defeat a number of green pigs who protects themselves in all different types of constructions made of wood, stone and ice. What you need to do is to release your birds towards those pigs and break through all the construction. Once you crush all of them, you will win the level. But you have only a limited number of birds, once you run out of birds before killing all the pigs you will lose the game. There are different types of birds with different abilities. The most common one is the red one, which is also the main character from the movie, also the yellow triangle one, the blue one that splits into three baby birds, the one that lays eggs, the big black one that explodes and the Mighty Eagle. These are all from the original game, the only new bird that only appears in the second game is Silver, a bird that performs a looping dive bomb attack.

This is the core of how you play the main game. And as for the structure, many things are different from the first game, such as now each level is made up of more than one screen, you have to finish the first one in order to proceed to the next one. The second thing is, that birds are no longer queued up for you, but you can choose whomever you want in every attack. And when you cause enough damage, you will be able to win a new bird, which is totally different from the first game’s mechanics. There are also new features that bring many environmental changes. Such as portals, plants and fans, which will affect your strategy in different ways.

Speaking of the graphics, it is a beautiful-looking game. The details will instantly make you realize how much effort the developer team has put into the game. There are also some funny animations about the expression on the faces of the pigs when a bird is flying toward them. There are many other similar touches and they can always surprise you in different ways. The most enjoyable thing about the game was the satisfying feeling when you smash and demolish buildings with different birds, and that is perfectly preserved in the second game, even better than the first game.

There are many different things about the game that you need to explore on your own. But one thing is for sure, Angry birds 2 is an awesome game and you need to try it one way or another, even if it doesn’t sound like your type of game.

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Editor's Review

As a big fan of the Angry Birds, I have to say I’m fascinated by the current version as well. The birds are more useful than previous iterations, the hat feature is nice, and things like arena, clan wars, boot camp, and daily challenge really spice up gameplay.

Firstly, this is a very classic casual puzzle game, the gameplay is very simple. Angry Birds 2 continues the simple and fun touch screen way of the previous game. Hold one finger on the slingshot on the left side of the screen and pull it. Adjust the angle, and when I release it, the bird pops up.  

And when the bird is flying in the air, tapping anywhere on the screen can trigger the skill of the bird. The key to the game is to aim carefully.

Secondly, unlike previous games, new characters are introduced and can choose to fight. The new bird Sliver came out, which use the air to spin and then vertical drop flight to generate a powerful impact, especially against those pigs hiding in buildings, and in the battle order of birds is no longer fixed, I can randomly choose birds to attack, so as to achieve my own attack strategy. In addition, fill up the damage accumulator can get extra birds.

In a word, the gameplay of Angry Birds 2 is more colorful, the game content is also more attractive, and I believe you will have a good time in this game. Don’t hesitate any longer, join me now!