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2 Player Games : the Challenge

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February 3, 2022
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February 17, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

A casual game designed for two-player battles is coming and you will not be limited to one monotonous gameplay. So many mini-games are integrated into one amazing app, and then why not have a try?

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Play duel with friends, this is the best option if you want to play with your friends on the same device. If you don't have friends to participate in this multiplayer game, don't worry, because the system matches NPCs for you, you can enjoy the joy of the game and the fierce competition. Be careful not to invite shy friends though, as the game may damage friendships. Although it is a small-size game, 2 Player Games really makes a commercial success and it scored 4.6 in App Store. Millions of players give it many brilliant reviews. The game can be played without data and nearly no ads appear frequently to hurt your experience. Tons of mini-games will better satisfy your needs and some individual tastes.

The game also allows players to experience the cultures of different countries. For example, the multiplayer version of sumo wrestling, a famous Japanese sport, is one of them. This game really gave me too many surprises. It's hard not to give a good rating for all kinds of sports that can be played with just a few simple finger movements.

Because this is the challenge of a 2-player game collection, the team deliberately designed a simple style, no large map scenes, and no complicated level design. Everything is a refreshing style with clear modules. But the exquisite graphics of the mini-games are also enough to enhance your visual experience, with very harmonious color matching and a full sense of lines. The whole style will not make players feel boring and reduce visual fatigue as much as possible. However, it also attracts players’ attention in some special moments.

The easy-to-use operating experience makes players happy and addicted. This game is designed for children from three years old and up, so almost anyone can download and have fun with this game. The threshold of the game is very low, and players can master the gameplay with almost no effort. There are many mini-games here, including Ping Pong, Spinner war, and Air hockey. Anyone will find their taste here!

The music played at the beginning of the game is relaxing and happy. During the game, the team will also play different sound effects according to different elements. For example, when hitting the back of the hand, there is a popping sound. The roar that occurs during a tug of war. The sound of billiard balls colliding with each other as they spread out on the table. Everything is so fitting. My favorite is the racing game because the racing car adopts the stick figure design mode, and the roar just makes up for the monotony of the picture.

If there is a drawback, that must be the gameplay itself since some players may feel it isn’t fierce to play the game.

【Top10-Game's Review】

All in all, this game is suitable for those who want to kill time and relax, although some users complain that 3 players may not enjoy playing it. Graphics, sound effects, and easy game mechanics are full of relaxing characteristics. You can pass the level by swiping the tip of your thumb. This game can serve as a good way to develop the skill of responding and hand speed. Small games with great fun!

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Editor's Review

Unlike other games, the Challenge is a game I can play with my friends on the same device.

Due to there are many games,I can play a nervous and exciting mini games with my firend in the leisure time.The main play of the game is to manipulate what I control, and to score higher than another person counts as victory.  

The game have three difficulties: simple, ordinary and difficult.It contains some rich and interesting small games, such as Ping Pong,Air hockey,Penalty kicks and other easy interactive game competition, which is very suitable for good friends to enjoy the victory of the hand tour.

Two mini games that stick in my mind are Sumo and Pool. Firstly,the gameplay of Sumo is  simple. Click the button at the bottom of the screen to push the opponent out of the circle to win. Since the click interval is the same and it is no faster than human hand speed, so there is no pressure to play this game.Secondly,the gameplay of Pool is similar to billiards. I need to push the ball of my own color into the hole and finally push the black ball. In fact, I could have just pushed the black ball directly, but instead, I pushed my colored ball first to ease the difficulty.

All in all, as a relaxing collection of mini games, 2 Player games : the Challenge is worth downloading.



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