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Badland Brawl

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160.43 Mb
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December 14, 2021
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December 15, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Fast physics-based PVP insanity, primal slinging action

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

The game screen fully reflects the 2D animation design style. Different scenes are rendered in different colors. The enthusiastic orange fully stimulates the player's excitement in playing the game. The blue scene gives the player a calm and mysterious feeling and stimulates the player's desire to explore. After struggling to pass other levels, players feel a refreshing and refreshing feeling. The characters have different shapes and are all carefully designed. What stands out is the character's body lines and appropriate shadows to make the character more three-dimensional. Smooth color transitions without roughness. Players play the game as if they are watching a 2D animated movie, with great visual joy. Many players are impressed by the art quality of this game. Players who like to watch animation and animation will definitely regret it if they miss this game.

The game mechanics are not complicated and easy to learn. Highly recommended for players over the age of seven. After downloading the game, you can easily get started, challenge levels, and have fun. There are also many related strategies on the internet. Hence, no worries about learning to play the game. If you are already a senior player, you can study the various skills of playing the game and lead your clones to victory. Players can also learn new tactics by watching help materials made from the platform. There are dozens of new characters in the game. Players need to throw clones into the battlefield and capture the towers of the place! There are nearly ten battlefields with different level features, so players will enjoy ten journeys of adventures. Players can collect the mysterious BADLAND eggs to acquire clones with super strength and extraordinary combat power. To be victorious, players also need to use their wits to lay out the clones to their advantage and then seize the moment to successfully destroy the opponent's tower defense. This game also allows players to invite their friends to team-up, build their own clone team, and fight against players from all over the world regardless of time and location.

Literally, the game really makes history. Many players give positive feedback.  Hundreds of thousands of people leave comments to recommend the game or express their feeling. It has scored 4.2 of 5.

The game's sound effects and animations are great. The light and dynamic music move quickly with the characters. There are also chain-reaction battles, and the music helps the game create a fierce atmosphere. When the opponent's tower collapses little by little, a special sound effect will also appear. If one of the teams wins, there will be cheers of victory in the game. Because the design of this game has a very physical texture, there will be a feeling of metal collision from time to time in the battle, which is very cool, as if entering a time and space where robots are fighting.

Moreover, this game quite receives praises and achievements in the game field. In 2018 and 2019, this excellent game won several awards. In Galaxy Apps, for example, it won the Best Multiplayer Game of 2019. In Google Play Best of 2018, it won the most competitive category award.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Innovative game with excellent visual designs, we can fully enjoy the essence of the game. Just play the game and toss various kinds of stuff in the game to kill the time and release the pressure in life.

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Editor's Review

First of all, from the positioning of the game, Badland Brawl is a fast PVP action game based on physics, the beautiful fantasy adventure world also left me a deep impression. Next, in terms of the gameplay, the operation is not difficult to understand. As a player, I need to use my weapons throw bombs to opponent’s towers and win the game through a series of maneuvers and strategy skills. In addition, the game has real-time multiplayer, with a spectator feature so I can observe other players play and learn about new tactics.

At last, I have to say that the combat is quite extensive, with crazy tactics and devastating chain reactions. For example, sending our heroes into battle and tying bombs to them to take down the opponent’s tower.

On the whole, it’s very nice to battle friends and other players around the world in real-time Brawls, if you’re interested and Badland Brawl is a good choice.