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January 22, 2022
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January 23, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Do you like nice cosplay? Remember the most prevalent childhood brick-breaking game? If you could combine the two, would you like it? The game I'm about to show you is one of those puzzle games that are both cute and addictive.

The game, called PunBall, was developed by Habby. As a magician, players can use various weapons in the game, strategy against the evil clan, so that the time to stay indifferent worlds, friends, save the world together, interested players hurry to download!

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

The story takes place in a once barren land where Zeuss created civilization. Over time, Zeuss became lazy, and an evil shadow emerged and spread, bringing a wave of evil to all. Now, a lonely mage, beautiful and robust, is the only one who can find light in the darkness. So, all we have to do is follow her on her Roguelike adventure. Don't lose, or you'll have to start from scratch! Use Magic in this new and unique game with various skills and a super fun world. The game has a massive role, and each has merit. This angle of view development is advantageous to the player who arranges the lineup.

Secondly, the game screen is perfect, this sharp corner of the field, the characters, a panoramic view. Players will start the game from a god-watching point of view, allowing players to see the area's situation fully. The game is cartoon-style game art, rich levels, with a new content challenge player. It's a simple operation. Most classes can only be easily solved with control. Start the game by looking down on God, giving the player a fuller view of the game.

In-game reuses the "bow and arrow legend" the system, the play method and the artistic material massively. For example, the broad blue background, the familiar UI layout, the similar equipment system and the talent system all let play "the legend of the bow and arrow" user feel extremely friendly. This method of reusing the material is not uncommon, and the new product used the material has been verified. Not only can it reduce the development process of time and workforce costs while ensuring maximum user acceptance. As long as the users accept the gameplay, the art style can be adjusted continuously to make it more popular with the current users. In terms of playing, the game's core is very similar to "playing bricks".

The character at the bottom of the screen is a launcher, and the player controls the bullet's line of sight by sliding the screen, releasing it and launching it. Each opening shot has a small number of ammunition and a single type. As the level progresses, you can collect all kinds of enhanced bullets and combat effects. For example, hitting the green + 1 ball can increase the number of shots fired each time. When you hit the Blue Question Mark Square, you get the chance to play a random skill. You can choose the talent you want. After Chapter 3, you can use the diamond to play lucky again.

【Top10-Game's Review】

All in all, it's an exciting game. Both the graphics and the sound are very appealing. PunBall uses a hybrid cash-in-play model that includes in-game purchases and ad monetization. Ad monetization is used to obtain free treasure boxes, gold coins, diamonds, double-take rewards, and resurrections at levels.

PunBall takes the traditional brick-hitting approach and adds several mana bars to the creature and character and the number and value of marbles. Under the support of the blood strip and the number of marbles, the Marbles can bounce many times, allowing players to experience a greater sense of pleasure and excitement in the process of bouncing.

The level is a chapter challenge, with 40 levels in each chapter and 60 levels in some. Each time the player fires a marble, it moves to the next level, adding new bricks at random. It is worth mentioning that the monster will increase the amount of blood according to the level of growth. When the player reaches 40 levels, a high volume of blood BOSS will appear, beating the BOSS can pass.

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Editor's Review

First of all, PunBall is somewhat similar to the classic game Breakout in terms of the gameplay. However, it might be a little more exciting to play. As we all know, Breakout is a game based on the elimination, which is eliminated through the impact of the ball and all the bricks can be eliminated to win. But in PunBall, the figure below the screen is the launcher, I can control the aiming route of bullets by sliding the screen and release them. The game starts with a small number of bullets and a single verity of bullets, but as level upgrade, I can collect a variety of enhanced bullets and combat effects. For example, hitting a green ball increases the number of bullets fired per shot.

Then, the cartoon features of the game are also attractive, and the game interface is relatively simple.

In a word, PunBall is a game tests the player’s strategy, and if you’re interested, which is a good choice.