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October 31, 2019
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January 13, 2018
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

An endless running game is arriving, Smash Hit will give you an excellent virtual running experience!

Top10-Game's Recommend

A game that is open for everyone in the world. There is no age rating for players in Smash Hit. Besides people can fully enjoy it on both iOS and Android systems. Since its launch, millions of players have downloaded it.

Delicate graphic and animation design makes it one of the most beautiful games in the world. As long as you google and play its official intro video, you can see the cool-toned picture style. Developers use colors like green, blue and grey and these colors show high-quality texture. If you are more concerned about the visual style of the game and have a good aesthetic sense, then you must try this game. Moreover, players can adjust the visual style to get individual experience. Hence, I have to say this game is very user-friendly. Some players are more sensitive, too bright colors may irritate the eye, and the constantly changing scene will also pose a huge challenge to the player's eyesight.

Easy to proceed with the game and relax as much as possible. You can see targets as something you dislike, and use tactics to smash them. Many players said their pressure disappear through smashing the target objects. Players can tap the screen to aim and shoot targets. Most of the time your target is glass stuff. If you encounter other obstacles, you need to avoid them instead of hitting them with the ball in your hand. Players need to travel as long as possible with a certain number of balls. If you run out of balls quickly, your score won't be too high. The whole journey likes a tunnel in a hole, you never know where is the destination. To make the gameplay more interesting, the team also create different racing props. The green props indicate that players can get an unlimited number of balls in a limited time, and the yellow and purple props also represent different special skills. Download now and unlock advanced and interesting gameplay. It is also a casual pinball game. When I was little, I really enjoyed playing marbles with my friends, so this game brings back good memories of my childhood. With the development of virtual reality technology, this game now also has a VR version. Players who have purchased a headset can experience the game more immersive. Who doesn't feel intimidated by glass obstacles that keep breaking into their line of sight? So are you in this nice game?

Music lovers can enjoy the music here too! As the player embarks on a journey that may travel through time, sound effects and music accompany you along the way. Smash everything along the way while enjoying the dynamic music. The rhythm of the music also changes when you encounter obstacles or go through a twisty route. Background Music will also deliberately create a mysterious atmosphere, making people feel like they have entered a mysterious time tunnel. This game is best played with headphones on. In this space, your task is to destroy all obstacles. Super Destruction King is you.

Top10-Game's Review

The more you play this game, the more you can appreciate the beauty of the visual effect and the complexity of the game mechanics. Destruction games also allow you to relieve stress in your life. Pinball game equipment has a nostalgic element. There is also the element of musical rhythm, which has won praise from many music lovers. This game integrates so many adorable elements, that's why it gains huge popularity.


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Editor's Review

From the experience of the game, Smash Hit is one of the few games where I can relax myself. The difficulty of the game is increased to some extent due to the rhythm of the background music does not match the rhythm of firing marbles. Overall, the physics are realistic and as a unique type of smash hit, the rules are simple and easy to play.

The first time I played it, I didn't know how to start. I was even shocked by the sound effects.Dreamy picture and sound, making the presence of the game become strong.

Meanwhile, as a level ten collector of marbles. I found satisfaction in the game.In Smash Hit, when I smash a glass to get at least three marbles, it's satisfying to watch the number of marbles increase each time.

In short, all checkpoints passed made it to endless mode. And the most difficult part about this game is if I lost I have to restart from 0.

Playing this game requires concentration, if you are also a marble fan, I recommend you to play it.