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April 6, 2020
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March 20, 2020
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Description & How To Play

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is an indie game published by Scott Cawthon on October 8, 2016 through the game platform Steam. The game type is horror survival game.

First of all, the first level belongs to the teaching level, the player operation is not very difficult. Then, here are some tips for the following nights.

After players climb through the wind pipe to the Baby control cabin, the previous voice prompts will tell you that it is going to reboot the system, and then it will pull the electric switch, and then after a little while Baby's voice will tell you to hurry to hide under the table, and do not have eyes on each other. When you hide under the table, the text prompts will tell you to pull up your broken iron plate. And then you will notice on the other side of some holes there are eyes looking at you (of course this does not constitute a threat), but if you do not pay attention to that the iron plate is pulled away, you will certainly be killed.

When you hear or see the iron plate is pulled away, you must hurry to put the mouse to the edge of the iron plate and hold down the left mouse button. However, you can only slow down the speed of the iron plate being pulled away and can not pull back the iron plate. When the enemy gives up, you need to quickly pull back the iron plate and ensure that there is no gap on it.  After a while the same thing will happen, only the second time the enemy will persist for a longer time. But as long as you ensure that you have been resisting there will be no problem (no matter how badly the iron plate is damaged).

After the successful defense, you will come to the main control cabin, and voice prompts will tell you that you need to cross the Ballora corridor to reach the electric gate room to restart the electric gate. But after entering the Ballora corridor, you must not listen to the voice prompts again. Just as Baby said before in the blackout that if you listen to the male voice prompts again, you will definitely die.  Indeed, when you are in the Ballora corridor, you need to walk slowly, to listen carefully to the sound of Ballora's music, the louder the sound that she is closer to you.

If you succeed in entering the electric switch, your threat is not only not eliminated, but your situation will be more dangerous, your goal is to restore the power of all rooms. The method is to slide the mouse down to open the power recovery interface and then move the mouse to the left box and hold the left mouse button and wait for the value to increase to 100%. You need to restore all the power to 100%. It seems very simple, in fact, when you restart the power, Freddy will move secretly (you can hear very heavy footsteps). Freddy's movement has three states, respectively, the rightmost (the safest case, no movement), followed by a little to the right (Freddy moved once), again the leftmost (Freddy moved twice, there is a certain threat). When the power restoration is complete, the voice prompts will let you go through the Ballora corridor again to reach the main control cabin. And then you can run around (although only forward), because Ballora will not appear in your return time.

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Editor's Review

To be honest, the most obvious feeling about this game to me is how much it has improved in term of gameplay. Whereas in the previous FNAF series I had to stay in the monitor room and against with the dolls, there are more rooms that can be moved and even walk out of the room in Five Nights at Freddy's: SL.

The setting is still a room with posters around it and a big fan in the middle, and there’s nothing special about it. But the dark room is somehow weird with three dolls staring back at me from the cupboard. That alone is creepy enough. However, there are still some specific game scene changes, like the game scene shifts from the familiar Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Pizzera to the Circus Baby’s Pizza World, and where I play the role of a late night technician. Of course, my task is always tough and difficult, what I need to do is watching and repairing automatons so that they’re operational during the day to entertain the spectators. But how to survive night after night become a serious problem.

Meanwhile, in addition to the game horror sounds, there are new game modes and more gameplay in Five Nights at Freddy's: SL, and the storyline is different every night. I can explore the different rooms of Circus Baby’s Pizza and get to know the eight new animatronics of the game.

So, what are you hesitating about? Join me now!




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