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Where's My Water? 2

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September 28, 2021
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August 16, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Where is my water 2 is a puzzle mobile game.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Enjoy the joy of fighting side by side with your friends. In the first version, players can only choose one character, Little Naughty, to clear the level. But in this version, there are two new sidekicks, Ellie and Big Stubborn, whose characters are adapted from Crocodile. Players can join the other two crocodiles on a journey of bathing and breaking through levels

Enjoy the visual impact of different scenes. After the revision, it brings new scenes and challenges. The three scenes of sewers, soap factories, and beaches make the game more intellectual.

Exercise the player's thinking ability and strategic deployment ability. In the process of passing the level, there are many traps and deceptions set by the system. You need to have a clear sense of purpose and a calm mind to dig the soil step by step.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Although the game has been released for many years, the development team is constantly updating the features. As a result, the game has attracted countless players and has also achieved commercial success.

The first is that the audience for the game is very broad. The entry barrier for this game is very low, and players can see it through the age rating of the game. The game is tailored for users over the age of three. It's currently free to download on Apple and Google's app stores. But there's a system for premium users if players want to unlock Swampy's story and lost levels. In addition, if players want some special skills, they also need to upgrade.

Who doesn't love Disney-inspired graphics and animations? For those who have watched Disney animation since childhood, this game is really hard to refuse. Vibrant color combinations. The whole game has a strong sense of color hierarchy, and the cool and warm colors are interlaced, which relieves visual fatigue. The transparent blue water is harmless and pollution-free, and the only thing Swampy can use to bathe and hold ducks. Transparent purple is dirty water. Encountering different things will change shape. The green is ooze, which can corrode the soil, and players need to pay attention to the difference from the real world. Green does not represent a very healthy color.

The sound effects of the game are also great. The official intro video is filled with light and dynamic music to keep players engaged. The sound of admiration from the little crocodile is also vivid. For the sound of the little crocodiles swimming along the waterway and the sound of water splashing, the development team also tried their best to imitate reality, so that players can be immersed in the scene. I don't know if you have played a project in the playground called Rapids, you can also experience this kind of excitement in the game.

Of course, my favorite is the fun settings of the game. This game does not have a strict clearance time limit, but for players, it is necessary to complete the level as soon as possible and rush out as many ducks as possible. The higher your score. There are also settings beyond reality, such as some props that may make the water flow backward, and some props that triple the amount of water. There are currently 100+ levels and challenges waiting for you to unlock.

Finally, I highly recommend this game to those who love to play with water. There are still many exciting features in the game, which are hard to come across if you don’t experience the game in-depth, so download the game quickly and solve the puzzles left by the Disney development team.ame quickly and solve the puzzles left by the Disney development team.

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Editor's Review

On one hand, as an entertaining puzzle game, Where's My Water? 2 left me a deep impression.At the same time,there are three characters I enjoy in the game, such as Swampy, Cranky and Alice.All of them are very interesting.That's what kept me playing the game.On the other hand, the game with cartoon style picture,which let me have the impulse that wants to play at first glance.

And the highlight of the game is that I don’t have to spend real money in order to purchase cheats or power-ups.On the contrary,I can progress on my own skill.Compared to other games, I felt it was a great design.

As for Where's My Water? 2, the only complaint is the random pop-up ads in the game,which affects my mood in the process of game-playing.If this problem can be solved and the experience of the game will be very good.

All in all, that’s a great puzzle game.You can have a try and challenge it.